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Green Party Policy and Platform

Q: Where can I find the Green Party position on __________(e.g., housing)?
A: Please refer to the Our Vision page on the Green Party of Canada's website.  If you have a specific question not covered on the website, please send an email to: [email protected].

Elizabeth May

Q: Can Elizabeth May help me with __________(e.g., a problem with a government office)?
A: Call or visit Elizabeth May's Constituency Office

Constituency Office Of Elizabeth May,
Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands
1-9711 Fourth St
Sidney, BC V8L 2Y8
Phone: 250-657-2000  or  1-800-667-9188
Fax: 250-657-2004
[email protected]

Q: Where do I send an article or some other information that I wish to share with Elizabeth May (or the Green Party)?
A: Please forward it by email to [email protected]aDue to Elizabeth’s many commitments, she may not be able to respond to you personally.


Q: What kinds of volunteering activities are available? (I want to volunteer, but I’m not sure how I can help.)
A: Thank you! Your help is appreciated. Most of our volunteer activities take place during elections. Although the Covid-19 pandemic has curtailed our events, the Saanich-Gulf Islands Greens Electoral District Association (SGI EDA) generally hosts a number of events throughout the year. If you are interested in helping with the set-up, hosting, or take-down, please go to https://www.sgigreenparty.ca/volunteer and complete the online form to sign up. After you sign up, someone will contact you to provide you with further information.


Q: What is the maximum that I can donate to the Saanich-Gulf Islands Greens (the electoral district association)?
A: $1650 is the donation limit for 2021.  Please visit our donate page and click on the Saanich-Gulf Islands link.

Elections Canada limits the total of all contributions (donations, loans and loan guarantees) to all registered associations, nomination contestants and candidates of each registered party to $1650 in 2021 (increasing by $25 annually).

This means that monthly donations are limited to $137 for each of 12 months. If you start donating in May, as an example, you could donate up to $200/month for 8 months, and would need to adjust the amount in the following year.

Q: What is the maximum that I can donate to the Green Party of Canada (GPC)?
A: $1650.  Go to our donate page and click on the Green Party of Canada link.

Elections Canada limits donations to each registered party to $1650 in 2021 (increasing by $25 annually).

This limit for the national party is in addition to the limit for the local Electoral District Association or candidate. For example, at maximum you could donate $1650 to the GPC and also donate $1650 to the SGI Greens (Electoral District Association).

Q: How is my donation money used?
A: Donations to SGI Greens are used for special events that the EDA hosts as well as other routine expenses like postage, telephone, etc. SGI Greens may also sometimes hire contractors for specific tasks, such as professional help with communications. Donations to the Green Party of Canada are used for expenses related to running the national party such as staffing the national party office. 

Q: Do I get a tax refund for my donation?
A: Federal political contributions are eligible for a substantial income tax credit. (Provincial political contributions are, too, and are calculated separately.) The amount of the tax credit (what you get back on your tax return the following year) is calculated as: 75% of your first $400 of donation, 50% of any amount between $400 and $750, and 33.33% of amounts over $750, to a maximum credit of $650 (for a donation of $1275 or more).  This means that a $400 donation costs you only $100; a donation of $600 costs you only $200; a donation of $1650 costs you $1000; and a donation of $3300 ($1650 maximum to both GPC and SGI EDA) costs you $2650.

Q: When will I get my official tax receipt?
A: Tax receipts are mailed out in February of the year following the year in which the donations were made. 

Q: Can I make a monthly donation by debiting my bank account?
Yes. Please click Donate Offline  Complete the information on the PDF form and mail to Green Party of Canada, PO Box 997, Station B, Ottawa Ont, K1P 5R1.
If you wish for your donation to be directed to the Saanich-Gulf Islands Electoral District Association (Riding Association), please tick the "LOCAL DONATION" circle.

Q: How do I update my credit card expiry date or use a different credit card for my monthly donation?
A: Please call the GPC's toll-free number of 1-866-868-3447. 

Q: How do I cancel my automatic monthly credit card donation?
A: Please call the GPC's toll-free number of 1-866-868-3447 and they will cancel the donation for you. (If your credit card has expired or been cancelled, there is no need to call, as 
your donations will automatically be cancelled by your credit card company.)


Q: How do I become a member of the SGI Greens?
A: You need to (1) be a member of the Green Party of Canada (GPC) and, (2) live within the boundaries of the Saanich-Gulf Islands Electoral District (SGI ED).

There is no fee for membership. A nominal donation (eligible for an income tax credit) is required when you sign up to become a member of the GPC. Signing up for a monthly donation with your membership is the most effective way to support the GPC. Alternatively you can sign up for a one-year membership with a donation of $10 or more, or a three-year membership with a donation of $25 or more.

Your donation can be directed to the national office by signing up here or to the local Saanich-Gulf Islands Electoral District Association (SGI EDA) by signing up here (which we SGI Greens would appreciate!). Either way, you become a member of the national GPC.

Provided you live in the SGI ED, you automatically become a member of the SGI EDA when you sign up to become a member of the GPC. 

After signing up for membership, be sure to also register a user account on the GPC website (with your own username and password) to get access to members-only pages.

Q: How can I check if I'm a member or when my membership expires?
A: Log in to your user account on the GPC website. (If you can't remember your password, you can request a new password.) Or you can email [email protected] and one of our volunteers will assist you with that query.

Q: What are the advantages of membership?
A: Green Party membership gives you more than a warm feeling inside: 

  • Participate in the SGI EDA and vote to help to choose your next Green Party candidate to become a Member of Parliament
    (we hope that Elizabeth never retires, but eventually she may)

  • Influence Green Party policy development at national and local levels

  • Vote in Green Party elections at national and local levels

  • Keep up to date with Green Party activities at both national and local levels

  • Get access to member-only pages on the GPC website



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