Friday Campaign Meet-up to Re-elect Elizabeth May

Join us at an upcoming Friday Campaign Meet-up!

Next meeting: Friday, July 19. 7:30-9pm

Where: the "Green Station" in Sidney
(aka the Campaign Office)

Address: 9775 Second Street

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Voters are beginning to realize that Greens are the change everyone is waiting for!

Across the country more and more citizens are realizing that real change comes not from voting someone out, but by voting for what our hearts know is possible!

This is happening because we are connecting, listening and learning from one another -- finding common ground and discussing what’s possible together.

Most of these conversations happen on the door-steps, an activity we call canvassing. Our style of canvassing is about collecting information rather than imposing information. Whether in our own neighbourhood or across the district, we know we are talking to our neighbours who have values, needs and concerns of their own. This information helps us understand what is important to the citizens of Saanich Gulf Islands, in turn helping Elizabeth stand up for our priorities in Parliament. 

Why such a strong focus on canvassing?

Authentic person to person interaction—listening to the concerns of citizens— these are the most effective ways to open people's minds and build trust. So most volunteers on our team will either be phone canvassers or foot canvassers. But of course you don't have to be a canvasser to come!

Weekly Agenda: (informal and fun)

  • 'Why Green? Why Now?' - reconnecting to the big picture
  • Campaign update from team Leads
  • 'Stories from the field' - team members share and learn
  • 'Recognition and achievements' - celebrating successes along the way
  • 'Lessons & learnings' - well that didn't work! what is a better approach?
  • 'Announcements & Opportunities' - things are ramping up quickly as we approach election day

Have you been canvassing before? 

Come share your successes and lessons!

Are you interested in canvassing but have yet to go out? 

Come learn from other volunteers who have done it!

Would you like to learn more about the campaign in order to re-elect Elizabeth May? 

All are welcome! This is a great opportunity to connect and learn from each other. 

Join us every Friday evening

Next event: Friday, July 19. 7:30 - 9pm 

at the Green Station in Sidney
aka the Campaign Office 

9775 Second Street

Things you might like to know:

Kid Friendly!

We have a kid’s corner with books, toys and crafts!

Free Parking!

There is plenty of free street parking along Second Street!

Bring a friend and your thoughts!

All are welcome at this informal event.
Come to listen or participate, to learn and to connect with others. 

Light refreshments will be provided! 

If you're thinking of coming, post a message on Slack in the #everyone channel

Not on Slack yet? Contact us to let us know you're coming