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help Elizabeth spread the wordAchieve a Great Future for Canada!

Fixing what Harper broke will take a little time but you can help us make sure we get there.  We have our country back, now let's work collaboratively to make sure we keep it. Let's strengthen our democracy through ongoing citizen engagement that makes us proud to be Canadian.

Join us on #GMG4C, follow the SGI Twitter feed and RE-TWEET or find us on the SGI Facebook page and SHARE your views.

As citizens we need to support our government when they are acting in the best interest of the planet and future generations and hold them to account when they are not.

Sign up for our fantastic newsletters or volunteer and join our social media, letter writing or events groups. They are active and engaged with electoral reform, trade and investor state agreements, peace and security, truth and reconciliation, energy policy and pipelines, and much more. We welcome your participation.

Check Tweets by Canadian Members of Parliament

Follow Cabinet Members on Twitter

Tweet or contact the Federal Ministers yourself. They need to hear from you!

Commit yourself right now to spending 15 minutes a day to change the course of history.

You can take action and help to spread the message that Canada should lead the way in meaningful climate action. Canadians and provincial governments must commit to more substantial climate targets before the formal CoP21 agreement is signed in April 2016.

Click here to review what happened at COP21 and access great resources that make it easy for you to get engaged.

Contact information for the 1st Ministers who have to come together to set Climate Change targets mandated by COP21

We Need to Act on Climate Change Now!

Elizabeth May is calling upon us all to be engaged,

"Everyone who cares has got to put pressure on all levels of government to do more."

Click here for the COP21 updates from Elizabeth on Day 1 to Day 13

The Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna, called Climate Change "the biggest crisis of our time" and Justin Trudeau has declared that he is ready to change the world.

But words are not enough! We need every one of us to engage and build pressure for real action. So join us and tell the world you care.





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