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Please note that ticket purchases are not tax deductible.

Solstice 2015 tickets


Click on the green Continue button. On the next screen, enter your information and then click to say that the information is true and correct.  

You have a choice of paying with a credit card or by using your Paypal account, if you have one. If you wish to pay by credit card, not PayPal, scroll down below the Login box, to the bottom of the screen to find the credit card option - it is not immediately visible, but it is there when you scroll down.

If you choose the credit card option, do not be concerned that the Paypal logo is still on the screen.  Paypal will not keep your information unless you agree to set up an account, it will simply take the single payment from your credit card and send the money to us to pay for your ticket.  Further on, PayPal asks you again if you want to open an account. Just say "No Thanks". You still need to click the box that you agree to PayPal's terms and conditions, even though you are not setting up an account, just to continue with the ticket purchase.  

We regret these oddities on the payment pages.  We think our IT whizzes may be able to remove them soon, but we didn't want to delay telling you about this wonderful party and giving you the opportunity to get tickets.  The site and the process are secure. 

If you are concerned about paying for your ticket on the website or have any questions, please email us at saanichgulfislands@greenparty.ca  or phone Jocelyn Gifford at 250-634-4715 to reserve your tickets and pay by phone. 


The ticket(s) cover covers the cost of the finger food by Degrees Catering and the program. There will be a cash bar.

After purchasing your ticket(s) you will receive a confirmation by email.  This email is the ticket.  We will have your name at the door, but if you wish to print and bring your confirming email, it will probably help you avoid a queue.  

Bus connections to the University are excellent.  If you drive to the University,  the parking map can be accessed here.  Parking Lot 5 off Sinclair Road generally has lots of spaces.  Bring change for the parking meter though: $2.50 evening rate. 

We look forward to seeing you on December 20. It'll be a lot of fun to visit with old and new friends and chat with your favourite Greens.

Thank you.  See you there!


Who just bought tickets: from North Saanich, BC, Canada . Thank you, Tara!

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