Stephen Harper’s government has left veterans without the lifetime income security that was previously provided under the Pension Act.

In 2006, the New Veterans Charter (NVC) replaced the Pension Act and changed the lifetime pension to a one-time lumpsum disability payment rather than monthly compensation. Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) categorizes veterans in order to determine their eligibility for benefits and programs. However, under the Conservative government, multiple VAC offices have been closed making it difficult for veterans to access needed services.

The Green Party will work with other parties to:

  • Restore needed support to veterans and bring back the Pension Act benefit.
  • Ensure that when our veterans return from defending our liberties, they will have the programs and services they deserve.
  • Re-open the VAC offices that Stephen Harper closed so that veterans can easily access the services they need. 
  • End the Lump Sum Payment for injuries and reinstate the Pension Act benefit to provide monthly compensation for life.
  • Support funding the training of service dogs for veterans suffering from PostTraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

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