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Leader's Schedule October 5th - 11th:  


Ms. May and Green Party candidates Dr. Lynne Quarmby and Ken Melamed hold a press conference at Vancouver's Crab Park on Tuesday morning. 

Ms. May will discuss the Green Party’s plan to protect Canada’s coasts from risky pipelines and tanker schemes. Dr. Quarmby will speak on the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline, and Mr. Melamed will discuss the transition to a Green economy.

When: Tuesday, October 6, 2015;  9:00 am (PDT)
Where: Crab Park (101 E Waterfront Road at Main Street), Vancouver


All Candidates Meeting: Mayne Island Community Chamber of Commerce, Tuesday 6th October, 1:30 pm, Mayne Island
Ms. May participates in the Mayne Island All Candidates ForumTuesday afternoon. The debate is organized by the Mayne Island Chamber of Commerce and moderated by David Howe, Electoral Area Director for the Southern Gulf Islands. 

When: October 6th,1:30 - 4:30 pm
WhereMayne Agricultural Hall, 430 Fernhill Rd., Mayne Island 


All Candidates Meeting: University of Victoria Student Society, Wednesday 7th October, 3 pm, University of Victoria
The UVic Student Society will host an all candidates debate. 

When: Wednesday 7th October, 3 pm
Where: Vertigo Room in the Student Union Building, University of Victoria 


Greens Unveil 2015 Platform for A Canada That Works. Together.


Watch the full Green Platform anouncement here



Elizabeth May Worked Hard for Her Constituents in Saanich-Gulf Islands

Over the past four years as the MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, Elizabeth provided powerful and positive leadership - raising concerns over the damaging Omnibus bills and dangerous investment treaties. Elizabeth was the first federal leader to bring attention to the new, quite possibly unconstitutional, anti-terrorist bill (C-51) that appears designed to inhibit Canadian free speech and stifle protest against fossil fuel infrastructure. 

 As the MP for the constituents of Saanich Gulf Island, Elizabeth:

  • Held over 80 public Town Hall meetings where she reports to citizens and listens twice a year in every SGI community.
  • Held Teen Town Halls, reaching out to young people and getting a terrific response from students.
  • Works diligently on behalf of individual constituents with immigration, pension, and other issues. See the Saanich-Gulf Islands May 2015 newsletter for several examples.
  • Initiated the Saanich Peninsula Partnership working for affordable housing on the Peninsula (2013); the Partnership now has tri-council support and is moving forward to work with developers.
  • Stopped the closure of the National Centre for Plant Health in North Saanich by convincing the Harper government to reverse their decision, the only place saved from the Harper Administration cuts announced in the Omnibus budget bill C-38 (2012). Elizabeth made this happen by calmly and repeatedly pointing out the logic of separating the plant quarantine facility from mainland agriculture.

For more on Elizabeth May, please see What One Green MP Can Do For more on Green Party policies, see Vision Green.

We need all the support you can give - "Democracy is worth fighting for" (Elizabeth May, Green Party Leader).
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