Standing United March 10th

signupUnited we Stand
against the trampling of our rights by big oil and tar.
But to organize this mass action
takes a lot of cooperation and patience.

The first step is to sign up here.

The event starts at 10am so we will be on the 7am ferry from Swartz Bay and the 6:50 ferry from Long Harbour on SSI

We understand there will be camping, space to sleep on the floor of a church and some billets for anyone wishing to stay over night and participate on Day 2. Apparently there are so many people coming, including a huge contingent from Washington State, that it may take two days to accommodate them all.

SGI Greens have created a google sheet to help people coordinate their travel plans.

We are all in this together so here are some links to help you find your way:

Travel from Victoria

A Facebook Group that has information about a bus for a day trip from Victoria to the Kwekwecnewtxw.
There are two day buses planned right now. And perhaps another one for overnighters but that may change.

Here is an email to get more information about transport: [email protected]
To reserve a spot on one of the buses e-transfer $50 (which covers the ferry) to that email using the password "Victoria"

For Community Action Bus info use this google form link:

If you prefer to carpool you can sign up here:

And you can find more information on this dynamic google doc updated by Dogwood.

Travel for Walk-Ons

Mass Transit options are available on the Protect The Inlet Transportation Page

Or view directions from Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal to Lake City Way in Google Maps.


KM_Muster.jpgOnce you arrive at Lake City Way, you can make your way to the Green Muster Station shown in this pic: