2018 Convention


Here is why Elizabeth is so excited about this year's convention:

"I asked Thomas Homer-Dixon to speak because his new book - not yet released - is ALL about HOPE.  Private excerpts of a pre-release draft made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up from the power of his words about WHY and HOW we hope.  It is about finding hope in the face of a very serious crisis. And it will be resonating to the convention theme.  Time for the Truth - about democracy - about global corporate rule and about climate change.

"For each of those themes, we have speakers who will deliver the message of: First we face facts, then we come forward with the solutions, and we inspire and mobilize for those solutions. 

"Time for the Truth on democracy is ALL about getting rid of FPTP -- Caroline Lucas's keynote will link FPTP and Brexit and the calamities of British politics. And the full plenary panel on Sunday is all about PR - with David Merner moderating New Zealand MP Gareth Hughes and our own Sonia Furstenau. 

"On Time for the Truth about global corporate rule we have a plenary of Paul Manly's new doc on the Bilcon case with climate and  featuring guest speaker and nationally acknowledged expert Gordon Laxer. That plenary will continue in a workshop as well as table talks to ensure a deeper understanding among Greens of the threats of ISDS and NAFTA.  

"On climate, we have Grand Chief Stewart Phillip and Tad Homer-Dixon....with a strong dose of reconciliation.  Grand Chief Stewrt Philip has never spoken to a political party convention before.  I am overwhelmed he accepted. 

"Speaking of reconciliation, we will have two MC's... and they are both Indigenous women - Racelle Kooy and Lorraine Rekmans.  Adam Olsen's keynote on wild salmon will also stress the indigenous world view - I think it will wake people up from other provinces to why wild salmon resonates so strongly in BC, but it will also inject an important message of respect for other species. 

My own speech on the Saturday night will speak to all three themes."

There are many amazing speakers and and a full slate of workshops to attend. Click on the links for details. 

You can attend the entire convention or drop in to participate in two evening events open to the public.

For a full list of registration options click here.

To find suitable accommodations to suit your budget you can visit this page on the website which includes a link to a Facebook group to help arrange billets and room sharing.

So join us September 28th - 30th
and help us make the world a better place

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