August 2015 Newsletter

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  • Pipelines and Tankers 
  • Vote for Your Future
  • Greens at Work - A Long Term Vision
  • You Can Help Keep Our Election Fair
  • Upcoming Events

Pipelines and Tankers 

pipeline_facebook2_english.jpgThe Green Party announced their comprehensive pipelines and energy security policy this week in Victoria. The Greens are the only party to oppose new bitumen pipelines and increased tanker traffic on our coast. 

Greens believe that the environmental, social and economic impact of increasing the number of crude oil tankers on the coast simply outweighs any of the economic benefits.

As Elizabeth May pointed out, "one accident could cripple the entire billion-dollar fisheries and tourism industry upon which our coastal communities depend. It is time to think like a country again and develop a national approach to a diversified energy strategy."

Many share this perspective. The Conservatives and Liberals support pipeline development, but Mulcair has not taken a position against tankers or Kinder Morgan. He wants a thorough review process before accepting Kinder Morgan, but that does not exhibit an understanding that the project is flawed from the bottom up. 

Plans for a new floating LNG processing facility were announced yesterday for the Bamberton site in Saanich Inlet, in spite of evidence that more LNG plants don't make economic sense, let alone environmental sense. 

We need leaders in Canada who will halt the expansion of the tar sands and end the massive subsidies to this primarily American-owned sector. We need leaders who will protect our coasts. Elizabeth May, and all other Green Party candidates will defend our coast by stopping more pipeline development and supertanker traffic. Please help the progressive, principled voices of the Green Party. Donate to Elizabeth's campaign or support your local Green candidate.

Vote for Your Future

5540463792_5ed995cd6a_m.jpgNegative, fear-mongering attacks by the three main parties continue. However voters are starting to push back and plan to vote with the future in mind. To rid Canada of one 'elected dictatorship' only to replace it with another is an opportunity lost.

You may have heard comments that voting Green will help re-elect a Harper government. In fact, voting Green is the best way to prevent this because Greens will work with Liberals and the NDP to make sure Stephen Harper never holds power in Canada again. Only Greens can bring these parties, who have no history of cooperating, together to stop Harper. 

Elizabeth defeated a Conservative MP in Saanich Gulf-Islands, a riding that had previously elected Conservatives for 14 years. 

Elizabeth says, "If it were true that Greens running were a plus for the Conservatives, Stephen Harper would be plugging me to be in every single debate and we know he’s doing the opposite.”

Show your support for Elizabeth May by reserving a lawn sign.

Greens At Work - A Long Term Vision

Baby_in_sink_IMG_3030.jpgWhistler is not experiencing the same level of water restrictions as the rest of the province in this dry, hot, fire-filled summer. Why? The former mayor of Whistler, Ken Melamed, planned for the future of the Whistler water supply. Ken says, 

"It is true. We invested significant funds to ensure safety, redundancy and storage capacity in our water supply... we took a lesson when Tofino ran out of water in 2006. Additional water reservoirs were built, groundwater wells drilled and all water systems were linked throughout the municipality.

Water conservation programs were added and encouraged, especially in the hotel sector, as part of our Integrated Sustainable Community Plan."

Ken is now the Green Party candidate for the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country, and the Green Party of Canada Financial Critic.

The Green choice is a strong voice for the future of baby Sam, seen here enjoying a water-conserving bath in the sink, and his sister Isabel (in the mirror). Please support the Party focused on preserving our resources into the future. Help Elizabeth by supporting your local Green candidate.

You Can Help Keep Our Election Fair and Non-Partisan - SGI Greens Recruiting for Paid Work with Elections Canada!

Elections Canada recruits Deputy Returning Officers from a list provided by the party which placed first in each riding in the previous election. In Saanich-Gulf Islands, that is the Green Party. We are also asked to provide recommendations for Registration Officers and Revising Agent positions.  Positions are available for Election Day (October 19), or for the four-day period of the Advance Polls (October 8, 9, 10, 11).  Revising Agents work for approximately 33 days prior to the election, updating the voter list, beginning around September 17.

We encourage GPC members and supporters to apply for these positions. We are committed to a fair vote and a high voter engagement. We will be pleased to recommend anyone who is committed to carrying out these important duties in a non-partisan manner, in accordance with Election Canada’s regulations.

If you are a Canadian Citizen, and live and are eligible to vote in Saanich-Gulf Islands, please contact the SGI office, or email us for more information.

Upcoming Events

Elizabeth May is Featured Guest on Shaw TV show - CVV TV, Monday 24 August, Victoria, 8 pm

Elizabeth speaks one-on-one with interviewer Leanne Allen in front of a live studio audience. Please join us! The event is free and will be broadcast August 31 - September 30, 2015. For more information please visit the Facebook event page.

WhenAugust 24, 2015, 8 -8:30 pm 
Where:  Victoria Event Centre., 1415 Broad Street, Victoria

Salt Spring Pride Festival, Saturday 12 to Sunday 13 September, Ganges
Many great Pride events and an amazing Pride Parade through Ganges. For details look here.

WhenSaturday 12  to Sunday 13 September
Ganges, BC

2015 Saanich Fall Fair, Saturday 5th to 7th September, Saanichton, BC
Please visit Elizabeth and other candidates at the Green Party corner in the Marketplace at the Fair!

September 5-7, 2015
Saanich Fair Grounds, Saanichton

BCSEA All-Candidates Debate, Friday 2nd October, Sidney, 6:30-9:00 pm
BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) will host five federal candidates' debates dedicated exclusively to climate change and sustainable energy. Sooke (Sept. 16), Victoria (Sept. 21), Langford (Sept. 24), Esquimalt (Sept. 29) and Sidney (Oct. 2). 
The Sidney debate will be moderated by Maggie Ziegler. Find more information here.

WhenFriday 2nd October, 6:30 - 9:00 pm 
St. Paul’s United Church, 2410 Malaview Avenue, Sidney

Re-Elect Elizabeth May Campaign Office Locations and Hours:
Sidney Office
, 2355 James White Blvd
Open Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm

Saanich Office, 3550 Saanich Rd, Unit 106
Open Tuesday to Friday, 2 to 6 pm 

Salt Spring Office, 374 Lower Ganges Road, Unit #364, Salt Spring Island
Open 10 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday

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