Calling All Green Supporters

We are in the home stretch. The Green message of hope, pragmatic solutions, and a positive vision for Canada needs to be heard loud and clear.  

Please share this message with five (5) friends that can help spread the word that #Greens4Canada has amazing candidates all across Canada that are committed to working for you! It's an easy choice. 

1. Voting for a Representative - Your Vote, Your Voice Matter!
Andy Shadrack of Kaslo stated it well: "You have a choice to make about what kind of Canada you want, what kind of MP you want to represent you, and what role you want Elizabeth May and the Green Party to play in your future.

Vote for your local Green candidate - Help Elizabeth May return to Ottawa with a Green caucus to help her help Canada.

2. Read, Listen, Watch and Share: 

HuffPost_Oct_13.jpgBold, visionary leadership:

Elizabeth May: Paying Everyone A Basic Income Will End Poverty AND Save Money


Elizabeth May wouldn't keep Stephen Harper in power for 'a nanosecond longer'

And only one poll really matters:

Elizabeth comments on 2011 poll that said she couldn't be elected dogcatcher

More great videos here on the Saanich Gulf Islands SGI Youtube channel


3. Messages to Share on on Facebook and Twitter 
The Green Party doesn't have the big advertising budgets that the 'main' parties do and corporate media is not catching on. We have people power to get the message out about Green platforms, policies and positions. 

Sample tweets/posts to use, share, and modify are listed below. 
Please include #elxn42 and #VoteGreen and/or #Greens4Canada in Tweets and FB posts, so we can find one another's posts and share or retweet. 

These suggestions are all less than or equal to the 140 character limit on Twitter, including the hashtags:

We're the only party talking about the most important issues this #elxn42. Don't compromise.On Oct 19 vote Green #Greens4Canada #votegreen

"A Green MP will be the hardest working you have ever had. Because their boss isn't me. It's you"@ElizabethMay #Greens4Canada #votegreen

The time is now. Let’s get this done. RT and talk to your friends about voting Green. Canada is worth it. #Greens4Canada #elxn42#votegreen

Big ideas have to come from big ambition. Vote for the future you want. Vote to end poverty in Canada. Vote Green. #elxn42 #votegreen

Bold vision comes from putting Canada before party. Vote for Canada. Vote Green. #Greens4Canada #elxn42 #votegreen

You don't have to compromise your values. Vote for what you want. #gpc #cdnpoli #Greens4Canada #elxn42 #votegreen

When voter turn-out is high, Greens do well! Go Canada! #VoteGreen #elxn42 #Greens4Canada @CanadianGreens @ElizabethMay

Canada can't wait. The climate can't wait. RT and talk to your friends about voting Green.@JoAnnRobertsYYJ #cop21 #elxn42 #VoteGreen

It's incredible what @ElizabethMay has done in just 4 years. Think of what more Greens could do in Parliament #Greens4Canada #elxn42

Are these issues important to you? Congratulations you're a @CanadianGreens supporter too! #cdnpoli

Thank you!

Re-Elect Elizabeth May Team 

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