Day 12 of the Campaign

Elizabeth May

(OTTAWA) - Up with the sun to be sure of a spot on the 7:30 AM ferry from Brentwood Bay to Mill Bay and the drive to Nanaimo.

Today the national Green focus was on veterans and the shabby way the Harper Conservatives have treated them.  It was an honour beyond measure to be joined by Capt Trevor Greene, decorated hero of the Afghanistan conflict.  We remember his story. In an effort to display respect for the village elders, Capt Greene removed his helmet. He was brutally assaulted by a man who attacked from behind with an ax. It is a miracle Trevor Greene survived. He is working hard for a full recovery supported by a loving family and beautiful community on Vancouver Island.

Today he endorsed not only our platform on veterans, but our full platform and the Green approach to re-establish Canada’s role in the world.  He condemned Stephen Harper’s disrespect for the role of our peacekeepers and specifically the fact that Canada has refused to assist nine times in missions around the world.  Please click on this link to watch a clip from today’s presser. 

Greens will work to reverse cuts to Veterans Affairs Canada.  We will ensure fairness, respect and service to our veterans. And we will re-engage with our role as peacekeepers.

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