Day 15 of the Campaign

Elizabeth May

(OTTAWA) - A striking headline caught my attention today: “The Closing of the Canadian Mind.” It’s a piece in the New York Times written by Stephen Marche. Among many chilling sentences, you can read, “Mr. Harper seems to think that his job is to prevent democracy.”

As a Green, I am facing an election where many pundits and even some Greens look at the Liberals or the NDP as our “adversary.” We have become so hog-tied to voter intention polls and wedge issues, we have abandoned all hope for a better vision, a more honest, diverse, and deliberative parliament.

What is my aim in the federal election? I want to restore democracy. It may sound grandiose. I don’t think it will magically happen overnight. I just know that it will take work, and I think that work should start now. Being closed-minded is not who we are as Canadians, and we will reject Stephen Harper’s Canada. 

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