Day 23 of the Campaign

Campaign Blog- Day 23

We had a great day launching our plan for a national housing strategy in Vancouver. A bunch of green candidates and team headed over from Vancouver Island on the 7 am ferry as we had a training session as well as the press conference and town hall.  Our strong candidates from Vancouver Island worked with our lower mainland and north shore candidates.

Anytime we spend together increases my sense of wonder and gratitude at the quality of our candidates. We were together most of the day - Fran Hunt-Jinnouchi, Jo-Ann Roberts, Paul Manly, Frances Litman, Clare Martin, Wes Regan, Ken Melamed, Lisa Barrett, Glenn Sollitt, and Lynne Quarmby.

What an extraordinary assembly of talent, integrity and experience!  We enjoy each others’ company. We have great conversations – sharing stories of what we are hearing from Canadians on their door step, at community fairs, and on the street.  We increasingly feel like family – along with Brenda Sayers running at the North end of Vancouver Island, we know we are in contention to be elected. We love knowing that in Ottawa we will work together in a way no caucus of MPs has in many years. Maybe even decades.   

We have great candidates across the country.  If any other party had candidates like Gord Miller in Guelph and Bruce Hyer in Thunder Bay – Andre Belisle, Daniel Green and Jici Lauzon in Quebec, Mary Lou Babineau in Fredericton, Deborah Coyne running against Pierre Poilievre, (and more!)-- if other parties had these candidates national media would have had headlines about the successful recruiting of star candidates. 

We can hardly wait til after the election to get down to work, reaching out across party lines, to deliver the government Canadians most want.

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