Day 24 of the Campaign

Campaign Blog – Day 24

We had a media-filled today with our statement on hydraulic fracturing. As with so many of the fossil fuel emitting projects on the table, fracking is not a job-creator. We can call this promise of prosperity what it is now: a myth. Just like the myth that keeping the budget balanced is a mark of economic savvy. Even the Liberals are bucking the political trend of promising not to run any deficits.

But what really stood out to me today was the pod of orca whales I saw on the ferry from Vancouver back to Sidney. There were more than I’ve ever seen from the ferry before, their fins peaking above the water and the rare tail slapping the water. We are so lucky on Vancouver Island to have so many beautiful sights with awesome life. It would be a waste and a crime for us to spoil it with bitumen-oil spills. We won’t allow for it; we will run the best campaign in Green Party history to keep our coasts tanker-free.

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