Day 25 of the Campaign

My blogging fell by the way-side in the avalanche of activities on days 25 and 26 of the marathon election campaign. With town hall meetings in the evening, canvassing and traveling between ridings the days are getting more packed. And inevitably, they begin to blur together.
We are bouyed by a sense of increasing momentum. In every riding I visit the green signs outnumber those of other parties -- and ours are on peoples' lawns and private property. I am hearing a lot of complaints of our signs being stolen (and the reaction from supporters -- "next time bring me a bigger one with one of those big wooden frames!") 
That feeling of momentum from word of mouth and door knocking is matched by poll results that show us on Vancouver Island in a two-way race. The Conservative votes has collapsed; so too the Liberal vote. The NDP is at 39% and Greens are at 32%. 
Our message is clear - vote for what you want! Vote for a candidate who will work for you and not some backroom of party spin doctors. Vote for MPs prepared to work across party lines to make a minority parliament function the way it should in a healthy democracy. On Vancouver Island the message is reaching voters and inspiring a hopeful surge in support.

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