Day 33 of the Campaign

Cross-country campaigning involves a lot of time zones.  I will get home tonight to my own bed for the first time since Sunday.  Monday, before dawn, my daughter and I headed out for the flight from Victoria airport to Nova Scotia. Since then we have held events in Halifax, Charlottetown, PEI, Fredericton New Brunswick, Quebec City and the Bellachasse – Lac-Etchemin area, and today Montreal.  Four provinces in four days is not a bad run as tours go and we will be back across Canada again next week.

As for time zones, we got up at 4:30 am Quebec time to catch our train to Montreal.  And that translates as I fly home to Vancouver Island to having been awake since 1:30 AM BC time and home by 9 PM...  in other words --  a long day. And yet, I am having fun.  Our campaign is picking up steam.  Everywhere we go, people come up to me to say they are voting Green.  I know that does not happen to Stephen Harper  -- because no one is allowed to just come up to him on the street.  And it is the fun of it with people stopping us, thanking me, and being happy about having a party they can vote FOR! – that makes this fun.

Greens are just moving ahead, knocking on doors and waving at the drivers in morning traffic.  We are putting up lawn signs and making phone calls, sitting at country fairs in our bright green booths and answering questions and working for change.  And across all those time zones and all those miles, we are a movement of people with heart and hope who will pour all our energy and love and courage into taking back our country.



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