Day 35 of the Campaign

Debate update.  Saanich-Gulf Islands is the riding of lots of debates. Healthy democracy. High voter turn-out. In 2011 we had 13 All-Candidate Meetings. We are currently at 16 invitations locally. 

Meanwhile, the national leaders’ debate picture is bleak.  Not a healthy democracy.  This may be the first election campaign in over 30 years in which the national debate broadcast by CBC, CTV, and Global may not take place. With both Harper and Mulcair boycotting, it may simply be cancelled.  When Mulcair pulled out of the debate on women’s issues, it was cancelled. 

Meanwhile Mulcair and Harper have accepted the private corporate debates – Globe and Mail, Munk and TVA.  All exclude the Greens.  Amazingly TVA includes the Bloc even though we had the same number of seats at dissolution of the House.

So, it comes to this:  I will be in lots of debates – in my own riding.  I will be in one more national debate – Sept 24 in French on Radio Canada.  And Canadians should start pressuring Mulcair and Harper to respect the voters and agree to show up for the national English language debate. It’s the main event. In 2011 ten million Canadians watched it.  Come on guys. Show up!


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