Day 40 of the Campaign

The experience of the Mansbridge One on One is always fun for me. Maybe I am too relaxed about these things. I enjoy Peter Mansbridge and his conversational interview style. 

In hindsight I wish he'd asked another question: "what issues do you think are important that are not getting attention in this election?"

That would have been my best chance to raise the issues the others are ignoring. With Harper and Mulcair together (whether intentionally or not) operating ‎to keep Greens out of the debates by risking the CBC English language leaders debate being cancelled, the One on One was likely my only chance to speak directly to a national CBC audience before Oct 19.

Issues that are MIA? 

1) How Harper sold us out in the Canada-China Investment Treaty and how we can respond to a disastrous treaty that binds governments for the next 30 years.

2) The imperative to act on ‎the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Huge priority! 

3) Our health care system - how to protect it. How to expand it... 

4) The stressful challenges for Canadian youth - from students to young families (check out "Gensqueeze") 

5) The urgency to develop a plan and policies to support Seniors (Housing, Health care, Aging in Place)

6) The dangerous decisions being made by the PMO - including using orders in council to sign treaties with no public disclosure 

7) Beyond refugee policy, how do we restore Canada's reputation in international affairs - from peace-keeping to development assistance?

8) Yes, let's support the middle class - but let's eliminate poverty in Canada.

All worth talking about  ‎-- if only in this 11-week campaign there was going to be one nationally televised English language debate .... shame on Mulcair and Harper for working to get the CBC-CTV-Global debate cancelled. 

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