Day 43 of the Campaign

A great day in Guelph as we campaigned with one of our strongest candidates in Canada -  former Commissioner of Environment for the Province of Ontario, Gord Miller. After a long flight and the drive to Guelph we were swept up in a frenzy of activity.  Over 100 volunteers showed up for an afternoon wave at the university.  And we had an overflow crowd of hundreds at the Opus Lounge at our evening rally.  We were shut down by a fire alarm.  We poured out on the street. (i take fire alarms seriously.)  When the firefighters showed up and checked the building, they concluded the alarm had gone off by accident.  But they did stop to chat and remarked that we must have had a very good event due to the crowd milling about on the street.

I was so happy that our Niagara candidates embraced our position to end the practice of taking whales from the wild and placing them in pools in captivity.  What a strong commitment.

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