Day 44 of the Campaign

Well, that was fun.  We had a busy day -- our press conference on economy and jobs, a fun filled time with students at UVic club days, an interview with Don Martin and CTV Power Play and then the #glibandmale debate via Twitter.

It was quite a technological challenge to follow a debate in Calgary, respond quickly on video and then have that video uploaded to Twitter.  A challenge that proved worthwhile. We added thousands of new Twitter followers today.  And the crowd watching in Victoria was amazing.  From the backroom where we were making 30 second videos and uploading them to twitter, we could hear hundreds of supporters break into raucous cheers whenever they watched one of our responses.

I would have been able to hold all the leaders to account even more by being present at the debate. Let's make sure we do everything we can to hold them to account at the National English-language Debate.  If you want this debate that includes the Greens' perspective, make sure you tell Thomas Mulcair and Stephen Harper to stop running away.

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