Day 53 of the Campaign

Sorry blog readers. I am just coming up for air after a solid 2 days of Montreal media and prep for the leaders debate. I had to keep my head in french. I didn't even want to write a blog. And I was also doing a lot of media.

The french debate was a success. I feel good about a few things --. I wish I hadn't been the only leader to raise First Nations issues, but at least because I was in the debate, they were raised. I wish I wasn't the only leader aware of how dangerous the Canada-China Investment Treaty really is, but at least I got it on the table. And I was the only one to raise student debt and the need to rebuild all our environmental laws, and to mention the pressing need for real climate action. 

I wish I wasn't the only leader trying not to interrupt when it turned out (once again) that is the best way to get air time, but c'est la vie.

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