Days 37 and 38 of the Campaign

Intensity of campaigning the last 24 hours cut out my time to write even a brief blog.  We left Saanich-Gulf Islands early yesterday for the 7:30 AM ferry to Mill Bay and the drive up island for a press conference on investor-state agreements and our plan to reduce the damage caused by Harper’s ratification of the Canada-China Investment Treaty.  Since then we have had multiple events in Nanaimo and Vancouver. I write this from the middle seat, row 14, on the Air Canada flight to Toronto.

Highlights – At Berwick on the Lake I had dinner with two razor sharp ladies -- one 100, the other 102. I told them I would come back after the election to have a longer chat.  “I hope I am still here,” said Marion with a smile. 

Our town hall/rally in Nanaimo had an overflow-overflow crowd of somewhere between 900-1000 people.  No one had ever seen anything like it in Nanaimo.  Paul Manly was on fire.  #fun.

At the Pan Pacific Hotel this morning, we launched our platform.  It was a huge success. Our brilliant candidates were pumped.  A round of media interviews and then made it to the plane.    

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