Our history on the Israel/Palestine conflict

In the discussion around the contentious motion that was passed at Convention last August we often forget that the Green Party has a long standing history of constructive support for the Palestinians and for peace in the middle east. The important distinction is that in the past our policies tended to reflect our values and principles and not specific tactics. This is a complex issue. So for the record, here is the text of what has been on our books for some time.

5.11 The Israel – Palestine Conflict

Vision Green: "It should be clear that continued support and use of military or insurgency strategies will not bring about an end to the conflict. The cycle of violence, loss of life, and desecration of human rights must come to an end.

The Green Party of Canada believes that any effort aimed only at one side in this conflict will not end the violent responses that exacerbate human suffering. Canada’s role in the Middle East should be to reduce tensions, find working solutions, and uphold international humanitarian law, not to take sides in this chronic conflict. We must work towards a mutually acceptable compromise that will achieve a lasting peace between, and among, the Israelis and Palestinians."

You can read the full text by clicking on the above link. It seems that the resolution passed in Ottawa last summer stands in direct contradiction to this policy.

Here are the actual resolutions that have been passed in previous conventions.


G14-P22 Condemning Illegal Israeli Settlement Expansions

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Green Party of Canada fully condemn all illegal Israeli settlement expansions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories as undeniable obstacles to the Israel­/Palestine peace process.


G14­-P58 Israel-Palestine Conflict

BE IT RESOLVED that the GPC urges the immediate cessation of hostilities between Israel and Palestine. The GPC will adopt a posture of engaged neutrality, opening all available diplomatic avenues in both Palestine and Israel to press for a peaceful resolution to the conflict consistent with the GPC’s commitment to justice and custom of speaking truth to power.


G08­-P042: Israel/Palestine Conflict

BE IT RESOLVED that the Green Party of Canada:

1. Support a two­ state solution to the Israel­/Palestine conflict that adheres to pre­ 1967 borders and also seeks to incorporate an international plan for stimulating economic prosperity in both nations.

2. Call on both sides to immediately stop the killing of civilians and adhere to international law.

3. Encourage the Canadian government to press for a mutually agreed upon honest broker to engage in bilateral and multi­lateral peace talks involving Palestinians and Israelis.

4. Call on Arab countries to use their influence to broker an agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian National Authority to facilitate the promotion of peace amongst the competing Palestinian interests.

5. Call for an end to the collective siege of Gaza so that medical and humanitarian aid can be provided.

6. Actively support the efforts of civil society groups working for peace, human rights, and justice in the region.








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