Preserve Consensus Based Decision Making

If you are a member of the Green Party of Canada, it's time to vote NO on G16-C008.

Members will be receiving an email soon from our online voting system ([email protected]). Between October 7 and 31, all members in good standing have the opportunity to review and ratify all amendments to our constitution made at our August 2016 Convention.

pressconfernence.jpgSo keep a look out for that email – all of the instructions for voting (including your ballot password) will be included.

G16-C008 is a resolution that will change our Constitution to
enshrine Robert's Rules of Order as our decision-making process.

It may look routine, but it could not be more important that you vote NO. Here is why.

During the lead-up to last summer's convention about 10% of the membership of the Green Party of Canada participated in a Bonser Ballot to assign a 'pass', 'fail' or 'study further' recommendation to the resolutions proposed for the convention. One of the resolutions was entitled "Clarify the Operating Procedures of Green Party of Canada" and it dealt specifically with the replacement of Green Rules (designed to build consensus) with Robert's Rules (designed to achieve efficiency).

On Friday night at Convention there was consensus around the idea that we should try Robert's Rules for this convention and see how they work out. However, since the Bonser Ballot recommended passage of the Robert's Rules motion titled "G16-C008 Clarify the Operating Procedures of Green Party of Canada," this resolution was included, as is the custom, in an omnibus motion entitled "Group Adoption of Constitutional Resolutions" which was passed on Saturday morning by the members at convention.

By Sunday afternoon, it became painfully apparent that the efficiency offered us by Robert's Rules was not worth the price. Discussion was cut short and votes were called long before consensus could be achieved.

As Greens we believe in building bridges, not walls. We believe that all voices should be heard. That’s why we are championing a consensus-based governance model for the country. That’s why we believe in Proportional Representation. Consensus-based governance may take more time than majoritarian oppositional processes like first-past-the-post and Robert’s Rules of Order but we have always believed it’s time well spent.

We believe that wherever we can, we want to bring people of good will together, not drive them apart. Developing a community committed to solving problems collaboratively by exploring the consequences and repercussions of our actions with great care and deliberation, goes to the core of what makes us Green. As Elizabeth explained in her press conference, Consensus decision making works better than Winner-Take-All decision making. It will work better for the Electoral System of Canada and it worked better for the Green Party of Canada.

So if you are a member please take a moment and read Elizabeth's personal appeal in her blog. Then vote against ratifying this resolution. It is the general membership that will have the final say. 

PLEASE watch for this online vote and please vote NO!

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    Preserve Consensus Based Decision Making