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The Star: Openness to change voting ...OTTAWA — Two out of three Canadians with an opinion want to replace First Past The Post and 64 per cent expect the Liberals are trying to improve our voting system.

Elizabeth May has earned the respect of the house and she deserves the respect of the committee. Her voice deserves to be heard. Her vote deserves to be counted.

Minister Monsef said she had recently been "persuaded" that an additional way to show the government's commitment to inclusivity was to "break with tradition and have both the Bloc and the Greens as full voting members."

Monsef hints at openness to change voting reform committee

The Star, Alex Boutilier, Ottawa Bureau Reporter, May 31, 2016

The committee reflects the results of the 2015 election under the first-past-the-post system — a system the Liberals argue is flawed and must be changed.

But in the House of Commons Tuesday, Monsef said she’s open to debate on how the committee is structured.

“The makeup, the mandate, and the ways that the committee will engage in the conversations are up to every member in this House, to shape that conversation.”

When asked if the Liberals would go it alone on electoral reform without the support of another party, Monsef reiterated the government won’t proceed with reforms without broad buy-in from Canadians.

According to the timeline set by Monsef, the committee will have until Dec. 1 to hold meetings across the country and recommend a new voting system...

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A reminder: This is a government by cabinet. They need and want our input. Please write or tweet all 30 Ministers. After you Tweet below, feel free to copy and paste each minister's handle to send to them as well...


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Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef needs and wants your input. Let her know that for every vote to count, every one has to vote. Elizabeth’s VOICE of reason for democracy, should be one of those VOTES on committee. Click on the Tweet button below.

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  • Harald Hommel
    commented 2016-06-01 17:40:40 -0700
    Have to agree with all the previous comments. A committee that has a mandate for electoral reform should also be democratic itself. It should reflect the choices of Cdns from the last election. Secondly, as all voters in Canada are considered to be equal, then the MPs that represent the voters on the committee should also be considered equal and all have a vote!
  • Sue Andrews
    commented 2016-06-01 13:41:19 -0700
    It is NOT an all-party committee if all the parties are not treated equally. It is completely undemocratic to exclude parties from voting, which is extremely ironic given that election reform is about improving democracy in Canada. We need and want Elizabeth’s balanced, informed and intelligent input to this very important committee.
  • Shirley McBride
    commented 2016-06-01 09:46:48 -0700
    Democracy demands that all members of the. committee have an equal voice. There should be no second class citizens in this country.
  • Diane McLaren
    commented 2016-06-01 09:08:38 -0700
    Elizabeth is our representative in North Saanich. She works for us with the utmost
    honesty and dedication. We voted her in by a landslide, even under the flawed FPTP. As her constituents we should be entitled to full representation. Her hands should not be tied by this petty discrimination.
  • Ann Eastman
    commented 2016-06-01 08:46:11 -0700
    Yes! All MPs are equal. MP Elizabeth May provides valuable, level-headed, and thoughtful input.