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12091304_10156217457235253_1118681210910775726_o.jpgVote for the Future You Want
Canadians have fought and died to protect the right to vote. It's our right and responsibility. We have the power. (Well, most Canadians still do in spite of efforts to stop us.

In this election, Canadians are turning out in record numbers. Vote for the future you want. Vote for democracy. 

Remember to Vote: Monday October 19 from 7 am to 7 pm is the time.  Make a plan, talk it up, take your friends, find a babysitter, but be sure to get there before 7 pm.  Vote before work, at noon, on your way home from work, but make sure your voice is heard and your vote is counted. 

Every Green MP elected will help Canada. Send Elizabeth May back to Ottawa with a caucus of Green MPs to work together for the future we want. You can help by phoning voters: sign up here.


To rebuild our democracy, we need the best minds at the table and more than three voices in parliament. Greens in Parliament will be your local champions! Please meet some of the many amazing, accomplished people running for the Green Party: 

Claire Martin, Green candidate for North Vancouver, meteorologist, wants to see democracy restored and science unfettered. Claire wants you to have a representative you can trust, work with and feel proud to have working for YOU in Ottawa.

Lynn-fromscienceto_politics.pngLynne Quarmby, Green candidate for Burnaby North-Seymour, a dedicated scientist has taken a strong stand against the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion in Burnaby. Lynne wants our beautiful natural environment protected.

Who we choose to represent us in parliament directly affects our lives and the future of our country and the planet. 

Green values are the Canadian values of trust, responsibility, respect, and compassion. Greens respect diversity and embrace discussion across the political spectrum.

It's a close race on Vancouver Island - every vote counts. It's telling that all three 'main' party leaders are campaigning in BC this last weekend before the election. 

The only wasted vote is the one not cast.”  Elizabeth May

glennsollitt.jpgAnother Vancouver Island Green candidate, Glenn Sollitt, for Courtenay-Alberni, is a successful entrepreneur. Glenn wants to see federal science and monitoring restored to protect our oceans and rivers. 

Many businesses in Canada rely on our natural resources. Protecting the natural world we live in and rely on only makes sense. 

We were happy to see the large crowd of supporters cheering for him and Elizabeth May as she tours Vancouver Island this weekend in the Green Island Bus tour.

Vote Green - The Party for the Future is the Best Choice Now

FranHJ.jpgFran Hunt-Jinnouchi, Green candidate for the new riding of Cowichan-Malahat-Langford, is a successful entrepreneur and respected First Nations leader with extensive experience working for the community.

In the Green Party’s six founding principles: ecological wisdom, non-violence, social justice, sustainability, participatory democracy, and respect for diversity, Fran has found a philosophy similar to that of her heritage in the Kwakiutl/Quatsino First Nations 

Hope for the future!

votehopenotfear.jpgVote for a party that respects democracy - Green candidates support Canadian rights and freedoms including the right to have MPs that work for the people of Canada first and foremost.

Marilyn Venturi of Cobble Hill points out "You can't get what you want if you don't vote for it".

The Green Party supports unions and small business; environmental protection, fiscal responsibility and economic development; human rights, free speech, and justice.

"The only thing to fear, is fear itself" Winston Churchill 

Celebrate with us at the Election Night Party! It will be a Great Green Rally on 19th October, 7 pm at the Convention Centre in Victoria. More information here.Thank you!

Re-Elect Elizabeth May Team 

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