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Twitter - Elizabeth's Video Blog August 23rdElizabeth's video blog for week of ERRE-13-16

‘The high point for me, was the testimony of Professor Arend Lijphart author of the 36 country study, ‘Patterns of Democracy’ – which systems perform better for democracy…

... He looked at ‘Majoritarian Oppositional’ systems vs 'Consensus Based' democracies. Conclusion: “Democracies are healthier when parliament operating through Consensus Based voting.’

An informative 2 minute re-cap of this week’s 4 #ERRE committee meetings

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  • Shane D.
    commented 2016-11-10 00:05:56 -0800
    Hi Elizabeth! Thank you so much for the informative feedback.

    My feeling at the moment is that “consensus based” = a conformist system that may or may not resemble a meritocracy, i.e. one that could be prone to “group-think,” and one which benefits by indirect factors rather than actually out-performing other systems in any demonstrable way.

    These “statistical indicators” that Lijphart came up with… I’d have to look at them closely, but how on Earth…… (literally!…. how… on this planet?)… does one reason about the performance of democracies that way, without considering neighbouring countries and economies, which may be adhering to entirely different systems? Did Ljiphart correct for that, or just embed a bias in favour of quiet, unintrusive, compliant countries that are feeding off the success of powerful neighbours, etc., via globalist tendencies which… as you know very well… undermine the health of the environment?

    I do support electoral reform, though… so, what happened to proportional representation? That seems like a simple enough idea, at least with the current parliamentary system that we have.

    If you are just hearing out different ideas right now, great. I just felt like I should balance out the perspective offered by Ljiphart with the obvious counterpoints.