Issues explored in a number of blogs:

Articles by Elizabeth May (2015-2016)

Climate Change (2016)

Tankers and Pipelines (2016)

Electoral Reform (2016-2017)

Security and Democracy (2015-2016)

Peace and Defence (2016)

Social Justice (2015)

Global Trade (2015-2017)

The Green Economy (2015)

National Housing Strategy (2015)


You talk - we listen! Whether it's through a Town Hall meeting or other event, a petition, letter or email you send, or a survey you fill out, we are always listening to you. There are many important issues facing our country at this time, and Elizabeth is working hard to help resolve them, always cooperating with those members of the House who have the best ideas.

As an example, Elizabeth supported Conservative MP Michael Chong's private member's bill, the Reform Act because it would have strengthened our democratic processes. Unfortunately, it was so watered down, it can no longer do so. 

Elizabeth often takes the lead

  • Her private member's bill on a National Strategy for Lyme Disease was supported unanimously in the House of Commons and the Senate, and is now law.
  • She was the first federal leader to bring attention to the serious assault of Bill C-51 on democracy and her passionate, reasoned opposition to it continues.

You can count on Elizabeth to be in the House, supporting her constituents, proposing amendments to help ensure the best possible legislation becomes the law of the land. Just recently, two Green Party of Canada amendments to the Pipeline Safety Act were adopted. These recognize First Nations rights to sue for damages from pipeline spills and make it mandatory that the polluter pays for environmental damage.