Building a hopeful future

Wednesday November 21st, 2018

Dear Contributor,

Elizabeth reminds the House that2020 is going to be a pivotal year for Canada. We can still protect our future from climate catastrophe, but as Elizabeth stressed in the House of Commons, we are running out of time.

The urgency of the climate crisis was made clear by the recent IPCC report. The IPCC has warned humanity that we have at most 10-12 years to hit the Paris target of no more than a 1.5 degree C increase in global average temperature. We need substantive action now!

We are also facing challenges from intensive automation, growing income disparity, fear and insecurity. At this critical time, more than ever, we need Elizabeth’s voice in the House of Commons.

Greens are ready to build a hopeful future for Canadians—one that is generous, inclusive, and fiscally sound. We believe that by uniting under a strong and compelling vision, a vision that Elizabeth personifies every day, we offer Canadians a genuine alternative to old style, hyper-partisan and divisive politics. Elizabeth has dedicated her life to building a better world and we are proud that she is our MP.

Democracy belongs to those who show up.

The Saanich-Gulf Islands Green Party Electoral District Association (SGI-EDA) really appreciates your support and would like to thank you personally if you've already contributed to our local effort. We have made a commitment to do our fundraising differently. We want to be respectful of your donation preferences, recognizing that you are thoughtful and deliberate in directing your contributions.

Some of our supporters have already signed up for our Sustaining Donor Program and others have participated in the fundraiser we held at Glendale Gardens in October 2018 which was a huge success—our first and only fundraiser that year. For the rest of you, we would like to remind you that any donation that you make before the end of the year will receive a generous tax credit which directly reduces your federal income tax.

So, if you were thinking about making a donation, please see our donate page for several easy ways in which to do that. We know that you probably receive many pleas for donations and really appreciate your consideration. Please keep in mind that the Green Party of BC is not the same as the Green Party of Canada. Their tax credit applies to your provincial income tax only, whereas our tax credit applies to your federal income tax.

It's also good to remember that Elections Canada provides for two federal donation limits of $1,625 each, for a total maximum of $3,250 in 2020. One is for the national party and applies to any donations that you send to the Green Party of Canada in Ottawa, and one is for the local EDA, here in  Saanich-Gulf Islands.

We believe that everyone has a stake in our political process. History does not exempt those who stand on the sidelines. Take a look at our website to see why our volunteers are so engaged. It’s the contributions from people like you that make it all possible.

On behalf of Elizabeth and the SGI-EDA executive, we would like to thank you again for your ongoing support.

With hope and gratitude,

Michael Strumberger

Former C.E.O., Executive Committee
Saanich-Gulf Islands Green Party EDA

P.S. For more information about our activities, we invite you to read the update below.

Reflecting on a successful 2018

It has been a busy and productive year for Elizabeth May and her Saanich-Gulf Islands Green Party Electoral District Association (SGI-EDA). In addition to our Executive Committee, our Green Media Group, and our Events Team, we also have started a Video Team, a Meme Team, a Data Team, and a Canvassing Circle to get ready for 2019.

These are all made up of volunteers who give freely of their time and are deeply inspired by Elizabeth May and everything she stands for. With the support of our full time Coordinator/Synergist, Thomas Teuwen—who also authored our weekly Good Sunday Morning for the last few years— these volunteers have built not only a solid skill-set but also the confidence to make things happen. But the story doesn’t end there...

Inspired by our commitment to fund his efforts, Thomas was also instrumental in motivating and linking other EDAs right across the country to help them unfold their own volunteer potential. This has taken many forms including a grassroots Committee on Motion Development (CMD) that has helped to improve the process by which the Green Party of Canada develops and passes policy resolutions, an inter-EDA discussion group that hosts video conference drop-ins twice a week and engages over 100 members from coast to coast to coast, and regional initiatives like the Kevin Taft Tour which was fully funded and organized by ten BC EDAs and their volunteers!

So SGI has spent some of its financial reserves on building capacity to ensure that we elected a strong caucus for Elizabeth in 2019. Now that that election campaign has been successfully concluded, it is essential that we rebuild those reserves.

If you would like to make a 2020 contribution to the SGI EDA and help Elizabeth, here are several easy ways to do that.

You can do it online by visiting our website

You can phone us at 778-351-3335

You can mail a cheque payable to:

SGI Green Party
PO Box 20076
Sidney, BC
V8L 5C9

Please make sure that your full name and current address accompany your donation.