Post Election Interviews & Videos

Elizabeth May on CBC’s Ontario Today

Listen to Elizabeth May on CBC's Radio One programOntario Today. Ms. May will spoke with Rita Celli, the host of Ontario Today, and answered some excellent questions from callers. You can hear the interview here.


Elizabeth May on CBC’s The Sunday Edition

If you missed Elizabeth May on CBC's Radio One program The Sunday Edition with host Michael Enright on October 25, you can hear the full 1:42:49 min episode now on the CBC page here


Congratulations Elizabeth and Saanich Gulf-Islands

Elizabeth May Re-Elected in 2015 for A Canada That Works. Together.


Please click on the heading 'Post Election Interviews & Videos' to see Elizabeth's acceptance speech

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Elizabeth in the Maclean's Debate

Elizabeth May's excellent performance (see our debate videos here) at the Maclean's Debate shows why Canadians want her in all of the leader debates. She was clear and articulate, challenging the other leaders with her formidable knowledge on the economy, environment issues, international affairs, and the protection of Canadians’ rights and freedoms. Wow!

Ms. May’s dogged pursuit of Thomas Mulcair on his position on the Kinder Morgan pipeline drew cheers from the many Green supporters at the ten local debate viewing parties across Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

The Green Party opposes every single risky pipeline project to ship unprocessed bitumen,” said Ms. May. “I would like to ask Mr. Mulcair: Will you join us and help fight against the reckless Kinder Morgan tanker scheme?

Mulcair’s response revealed that although the NDP oppose Keystone and Enbridge, they do not oppose Energy East Pipeline and the Kinder Morgan expansion. This will affect BC NDP candidates that do oppose the Kinder Morgan project; if elected, they must follow their leader. 

Many considered Elizabeth May to be the clear winner of the debate. Twitter and Facebook noted that Elizabeth was the party leader most frequently discussed in social media during the debate.

See Elizabeth May, Member of Parliament for Saanich-Gulf Islands in the entire Maclean’s debate video here.

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Click on this blog heading to watch these videos of Elizabeth about her role in the election, the debates and her Twitter 'inclusion' in the Globe and Mail debate.

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Election 2015

Click on the heading to watch campaign interviews with Elizabeth on CBC and CTV.

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Writ Drop

A fabulous turnout August 2nd for the launch of the Election Campaign!  Excitement is in the air!


In spite of the early start on a holiday weekend, a couple of hundred Green supporters were out in full force - reporters from the national media were impressed with the Green rally as being the biggest and most enthusiastic launch in Canada.

Elizabeth's speech was so positive and inspiring. Here are interesting clips of media commentary on the event (starting at 4:30), plus an extended interview with Elizabeth on the importance of this election for Canadians and our democracy

Green candidates for ridings on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland gave impassioned speeches about why they are running as Greens. What an impressive slate! Qualified, credible people with integrity are campaigning for an opportunity to represent us, the people, with pride and respect in Ottawa. Watch a compilation on YouTube.

So now the real fun begins! We have the hearts and minds of Canadians like you who want to restore our democracy, recommit to a sustainable 21st century future, return to our leadership roles in diplomacy and climate action, and rebuild Canada

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