COP 21 Updates


We have an Agreement! - December 12th - COP21 - Day 13


Elizabeth's emotional reaction to the announcement!
If you watch the first five minutes of the next video you can see the announcement and then watch Elizabeth's reaction to it.

Final Plenary in Paris - We have an agreement
It's 5 hours of passionate speeches most only of 2 or 3 minutes long that underscore the commitment of the world's nations to this historic moment. (you can find English translation setting on bottom right of the screen)


December 11th - COP21 - Day 12

Elizabeth and Claire - Way into overtime

Another Fossil Award or Genuine Good Will?

December 10th - COP21 - Day 11

Elizabeth and Claire - Yet another all-nighter?

Canada's Minister of the Environment and Climate Change at COP21
2:43:20 is where she starts speaking

December 9th - COP21 - Day 10

Elizabeth and Claire - The President's Draft

A Threat to life itself - John Kerry tells it like it is

December 8th - COP21 - Day 9

Elizabeth and Claire - with David Coon 

December 7th - COP21 - Day 8

Elizabeth and Claire - 1.5 to stay alive

December 6th - COP21 - Day 7

Youth want to be heard

December 5th - COP21 - Day 6

Elizabeth's update from Paris was on national media today

Cautiously optimistic but much work to do

Many voices speaking out

Call to Earth - A Message from the World's Astronauts to COP21

December 4th - COP21 - Day 5

Crunch time - Update from Elizabeth and Claire

December 3rd - COP21 - Day 4

Daily Video Update from Paris

December 2nd - COP21 - Day 3

Daily Video Update - 2 Degrees Explained

A call to action for the world

December 1st - COP21 - Day 2

November 30th - COP21 - Day 1

Daily Video Update from Elizabeth and Claire

Elizabeth and Claire discuss Canada re-ratifying Kyoto

Elizabeth on CBC's Power and Politics

Elizabeth speaks with Tom Clark in Paris Cafe about COP21


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"It is our job to tirelessly work for justice, for peace, and for a planet that can survive with a human civilization that thrives. This is the challenge that we take on as Greens."

Elizabeth May, October 19th, 2015 

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