2018 Highlights

2018 Green Party of Canada Convention

Caroline Lucas  Grand Chief Stewart Phillip Thomas Homer-Dixon

Here is why Elizabeth was so excited about the 2018 convention:

Caroline Lucas's keynote linked First Past The Post (electoral system) to Brexit and the calamities of British politics.

"Grand Chief Stewart Philip has never spoken to a political party convention before.  I am overwhelmed he accepted."

Thomas Homer-Dixon spoke about hope - why and how we hope - and about finding hope in the face of a very serious crisis.



Sustainable Living Series

This series of monthly events is intended to engage our community around the issues that are key to protecting our home and our future.

January 2018: The Climate Change Debate

February 2018: "An Inconvenient Sequel"

March 2018: "The growing danger of nuclear war"

April 2018: "A Quest for Meaning"

May 2018: "The Gifts from Nature"

June 2018: "Food Security and Self-sufficiency"

July 2018: "Electric Car Rally"



Earth's Imagination with Gertie Jocksch

5 Wednesdays, Jan 10 - 31, Feb 7 2018, 6:30 – 8:30 pm by donation

In the series Earth’s Imagination, cosmologist Brian Swimme places the human psyche within the fifteen billion year cosmic process in order to highlight the directions in which human consciousness is evolving today and into the future.  With a remarkable ability to make contemporary scientific findings accessible and engaging, Swimme relates the history of the Universe to the modern human. If you are even slightly interested in understanding evolution and a scientifically-based philosophical orientation to the meaning of life, you will find this program highly valuable.

Working together with St. John's United Church

Location:  St John’s United Church 10990 West Saanich Road, North Saanich



Instruments 4 Africa



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