Events Team

Our community matters. It is where we nurture our family, where we forge friendships and where we find sanctuary.

Community mattersBut our community extends beyond our neighbourhood and it is increasingly affected by global events. Nurturing and connecting with that community is what excites the members of our Events Team. We are all bound together by common needs and desires, trying to offer our children and grandchildren the opportunities of a thriving civilization committed to nurturing a healthy planet.

As volunteers we organize and choreograph events like summer picnics, St Patrick's Day celebrations and Christmas/Solstice parties. But we also host the Eminent Speaker Series, support First Nations and work with other groups in the community to strengthen our bonds as we build a better, more inclusive world.

Inspired by Elizabeth May and her unwavering dedication to community service, the Events Team is a growing group of warm and friendly individuals. We meet monthly for potlucks to GreenStorm ideas on how we can best serve the community.  If you believe that community matters and want to connect with great people who believe as you do, why not join us?

Simply click here and we will invite you to our next potluck.

And if you don't have the time to volunteer, you can still help us with a small monthly donation.

The activities of our Events Team are made possible by Sustaining Donors like you. Thank You!

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