UPDATE: October 24th, 2018

The SGI EDA Executive and I are pleased to announce that we are entering a new phase in preparation for the 2019 campaign! Please read this open letter from our CEO, Michael Strumberger to find out more.


Let me introduce myself.

01Thomas400.jpgMy name is Thomas Teuwen and I have been honoured and privileged to be paid staff support for the Saanich-Gulf Islands Green Party Electoral District Association since November of 2015.

My job is to help volunteers and supporters do what they are passionate about; work with Elizabeth May to make this world a better place. I do this in a myriad of ways depending on the needs and circumstances of the moment. But mostly it is my responsibility to assure continuity of operations and facilitate citizen engagement as we all strive to do our best to support Elizabeth and advance our democracy.

I bring a variety of life experience to the task. My family immigrated to Canada in 1968. As a ten year old boy I learned the language quickly. Spending a year on a ranch in Santa Barbara gave me my first taste of "oil money". My first real job was as a weaver for Canada Velcro where I learned about the drudgery of punching a clock. Homesteading in Nova Scotia taught me about subsistence farming and animal husbandry. I also worked as an auto mechanic for a while before starting my first business at age 19.

My entrepreneurial adventures in the manufacturing, mining, oil and tech industries took me underground into coal and salt mines, onto oil exploration platforms on the Grand Banks, into wheelhouses of fishing trawlers and to some of the largest trade shows in the world at Comdex in Las Vegas and the OTC in Houston. As president of an Offshore Trade Association and Executive Director of an Economic Development organization I worked closely with academics, union leaders, clergy, municipal councils, business leaders and federal development agencies.

After selling my computer business I retired to the west coast in 2000 to care for my mother and meet My Love, Laura Parker. After building "The Biggest Little House in Sidney", practicing urban agriculture and developing sustainable lifestyle strategies, Laura and I found ourselves immersed in the 2015 campaign to re-elect Elizabeth May. By then I had realized that in order to build and maintain a sustainable civilization we have to remove some systemic and structural obstacles in our society and rebuild trust in our institutions. 

And that requires political action. My background has taught me that mainstream political parties, with their focus on power, are unlikely to build the bridges to a better world. The Green Party, under Elizabeth's leadership, offers an authentic alternative to old style politics. Listening to people's stories, whether at the doorstep or at the kitchen table, inspires me to act. So I write a weekly blog called "Good Sunday Morning" and help over 50 volunteers to stay engaged.

The deep dedication all these volunteers have for serving their country, energizes me and makes me proud to be Green. Guided by Elizabeth's vision they constantly remind me of that famous quote from Margaret Mead: "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

I report to the Executive Committee and you can reach me anytime by emailing or calling me at 778-351-3335

Thomas Teuwen


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