July 27th ERRE Town Hall

“You can’t have enough focus on education to make a referendum fair,...Standing room only at electoral reform town hall with Green Party leader

Ottawa West News, by Melissa Murray, July 27th, 2016

“This committee process, if it works and comes to a consensus and a clear recommendation, can form the basis...

... of a change to our electoral system Canadians have been dreaming of for a very, very long time,” May said during her remarks.  And she said she’s sure a consensus is possible.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May answers questions during a town hall at Lansdowne Park on electoral reform. She is flanked by Réal Lavergne, left, with Fair Vote Canada, and NDP MP Nathan Cullen. Both Cullen and May sit on the federal special committee looking into electoral reform.

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Elizabeth partnered with Fair Vote Canada to host this Town Hall in Ottawa on Wednesday evening. Fair Vote Canada is a multi-partisan citizens’ campaign for voting system reform. Find out more about voting systems here: www.fairvote.ca

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