SGI Greens Annual General Meeting


Stay tuned for information on the 2020 Saanich-Gulf Islands Greens Electoral District Association Annual General Meeting.

Below is the information from our 2019 Annual General Meeting. The Executive Committee welcomed those who joined us to help set the trajectory for the coming year.


The Saanich - Gulf Islands Federal Green Party EDA is proud to be one of the most engaged and active Electoral District Associations in Canada. We've worked hard to keep our community of volunteers engaged and contributing to the improvement of our Party.

The AGM is the most important meeting of our EDA community—it's when our members take part in shaping the future of our association, directly affecting our future and that of the Green Party of Canada.


Page contents:

  • Event details and RSVP link
  • Link to download meeting agenda
  • Link to download minutes from 2018 AGM
  • Bios of candidates seeking election to the executive board 


Elizabeth's leadership has inspired us to push ourselves to explore new possibilities of EDA activity.

For more than eight years, we have had the honour of standing by our amazing leader and supporting her to be one of the most impactful MPs Canada has ever seen.

This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your local Green family. Eligible members will also have the privilege of helping to elect some new members to the Executive Committee.


2019 AGM Event Details 

Where: 9775 2nd Street, Sidney BC

Date: Thursday June 20, 2019

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early so we may begin on time. Contact us to arrange a ride from the ferries.


Planning on attending?

RSVP using this link - click here


Meeting agenda:

Minutes from Last Year's AGM:

2019 AGM Agenda - click here to view PDF 2018 AGM Minutes - click here to view PDF


Why we think you should come:

• A healthy democracy requires robust and diverse participation

With support surging across Canada, Greens are heading into uncharted territory. The state of our climate is likely going the be the ballot box issue in the upcoming election and it's likely that more Canadians than ever will chose to put their vote in the care of a Green candidate. In the years to come, growth in Green support will mean expanded opportunities for community and culture building, grassroots policy development and regional collaboration. Now is the time to start thinking ahead to the next chapter for federal Greens not just in SGI, but in our region and province.


Participatory Democracy is a critical part of building a healthier future—it's also one of the Six Global Green Principles, upon which this party was founded. We hope you'll come excited to participate and help set the direction for your local Green Electoral District Association for the year to come.



You don’t have to be a Green Party member to attend. Everyone is welcome.

New to Greens? This is a great opportunity to learn more about the many possibilities for you to contribute


  • Only Green Party of Canada members who signed up on or prior to May 21st 2019 are eligible to vote in the election.
  • Proper notice was sent out to current and lapsed members 60 days in advance, consistent with our bylaws.
  • Note: Lapsed members (your membership expired within the last year) have the option to renew on the spot and still vote, by making a minimum $10 donation upon arrival. 


Help us grow: please consider bringing a friend who’s new to the Green Party


If you have any questions, or you're need a place to stay overnight please contact us. We'll be happy to assist you.

Candidates seeking election to the executive

Under our constitution ratified at our 2017 AGM — click to view our constitution and by-laws (you must be logged in to see) — we elect members for a three year term, and we do not permit nominations from the floor. We do this on a rotating basis to provide continuity on the executive.

This year we have four vacancies and four prospective candidates for these positions.


Candidates Bios:

Ellen Guttormson - Was appointed to the EDA executive partway through 2019 in order to fill an unexpected vacancy. Seeking three year term.

I retired in 2016 after being in veterinary practice for 40 years. I have served on a number of boards over the years including the Western Canadian Association of Equine Practitioners, Victoria Saanich Pony Club, Irish Draught Horse Society North America, North and South Saanich Agricultural Society (aka Saanich Fair board), and Victoria SPCA.

I am also very interested in issues relating to agriculture and food sustainability, and since retirement I have been concentrating on improving my small farm that I have lived on for 31 years.  I have a flock of Icelandic sheep which I breed for both meat and fleece production, and I am using permaculture principles to increase the production of vegetables, fruit and nuts for family consumption. Ecological issues related to the use of herbicides, pesticides, inorganic fertilizers, and the introduction of GMOs are high on my priority list of concerns.

My initial degree, before attending veterinary School at the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, was a BSc in Biology from UVic.  I have always had a keen interest in both environmental and political issues. While still working I participated as much as time allowed in both the first and second election campaigns of Elizabeth May and the first provincial campaign of Adam Olsen.

As I was retired by the time of Adam's second campaign I was able to dedicate a lot more time volunteering in a number of aspects leading up to election time. I am very proud to live in both the federal and provincial ridings of two very inspirational Greens and I take every opportunity to let others know this.


Dan Kells - Seeking three year term.

From my job as a junior forest ranger at 17 to a surveyor working the length of Vancouver Island, my interests have always included the natural history of where I live. I wish to preserve our natural environment and just as importantly, our human place in that complex ecosystem. In 2004, I became the founding CEO of the North Vancouver GPC EDA. For three years, I was
a sign maker and erector and campaign manager among other duties.

Now that I am retired, I volunteer with Peninsula Streams, Dominion Brook Park and the Green party. To me, local community is the key to everything. You can’t affect your country or the world unless you work at the community level. I would be proud to add a voice of varied experience and assist our local EDA team to continue to be the best in Canada.



Patricia Roberts - Seeking three year term.

During my career as a CPA-CMA and experience on the national Board of the Society of Management Accountants of Canada and as Secretary-Treasurer for the Government Finance Officers of BC, I was fortunate to travel across Canada and as far north as Iqaluit. Our country is vast, our cultures diverse and our environment fragile.

In the early 90’s, I was an active member on the provincial and federal Boards and campaigns within our riding for another political party. Since then I had not been a member of a political party until I heard Elizabeth May speak back in 2011. She immediately impressed me with her ability to explain complex issues in simple terms. Her fierce dedication, hard work and integrity while championing civility in the House of Commons have stirred me once again to action.

My long career in financial management and internal audit has spanned various levels of government, corporations and small business. Prior to my retirement in 2012, I was Director of Financial Services for the District of North Saanich. Today, I enjoy writing, family research, home projects and living in a wooded area near the ocean.

I believe that we are at a critical time where change is needed at the federal level. The common-sense solutions of Vision Green and the re-election of Elizabeth May as our MP are needed more than ever in our House of Commons. I would be honoured for the opportunity to serve on the board of our EDA.


Nancy Searing - Seeking three year term.

Even though I had voted Green for a few elections when I heard Elizabeth May was planning to move to Sidney and run for the Green Party in SGI I was thrilled to finally have a candidate who exemplified my values and had a chance of winning the seat. In about 2009 I went to the meeting in the basement of St. John’s church with about 20 other people when Elizabeth announced her candidacy. I have been involved ever since. I have canvassed, helped with lawn signs and data entry. I have been a member of the Events Team since 2015 and more recently I co-lead the Events Team with my husband Gary.

I see myself as a ‘behind the scenes’ kind of person with decent organization skills and a willingness to help where needed. I was the secretary of the Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada for 6 years, practiced Social Work in my career and am currently an Iyengar Yoga instructor and serve on the board of the Peninsula Yoga Centre in Sidney. As a grandmother I am horrified at the prospect of a future on this planet that will be forever negatively changed if the effects of climate change are not addressed immediately. My intention is to do what I can to support the vitally important work Elizabeth does.