August 31st, ERRE-20

ERRE Meeting #20, August 31stFor the first meeting of three today, the committee reaches across the globe...

Via videoconference to Joachim Behnke and Friedrich Pukelsheim in Munich, Germany and Mary Pitcaithly and Andy O’Neill in Falkirk, United Kingdom

Click on image to watch the meeting recorded on CPAC

More information on these witnesses:

Via videoconference from Munich, Germany:

Joachim Behnke, Professor, Chair, Political Science, Zeppelin University, Germany, and

Friedrich Pukelsheim, Professor, Institut für Mathematik, Universität Augsburg, Germany

Via videoconference from Falkirk, United Kingdom:

Mary Pitcaithly, Convener, The Electoral Management Board for Scotland, and

Andy O’Neill, Head of Electoral Commission, Scotland

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