Electoral Reform meetings 30-48

Our apologies for the delay in updating our blog to include the last meetings of the Electoral Reform Committee. Thanks so much for your inquiries, interest, and patience!

We are working on it and, like our previous pages, will have links to: articles, Elizabeth's video blogs, audio and televised meetings, and auto generated Facebook and Twitter posts.

In the meantime...

... please check in on the government site if you'd like to listen to any of the meetings from 30-48: http://www.parl.gc.ca/Committees/en/ERRE/Meetings

If you would like, you can thank Elizabeth for her tireless work on electoral reform: https://www.greenparty.ca/en/thank-elizabeth-erre

And of course Elizabeth, being the true parliamentarian committed to working with the other committee members to achieve consensus, would want us to thank them as well for their dedication and hard work. Here's their contact info.: http://www.sgigreenparty.ca/er002 We can encourage them to work together via consensus-based decision making to bring in electoral reform in time for Canada's birthday!

BTW - as Elizabeth had to and chose to attend every meeting because she's the only Green MP... the Liberals committed to attending every meeting as well, since it was a Liberal promise to ensure that 2015 was the last election under FPTP! So we're pretty sure that Francis Scarpaleggia (Chair), Sherry Romanado, John Aldag, Matt DeCourcey, and Ruby Sahota did attend each meeting!

Here's to democracy in action!  Cheers, SGI Greens Team

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