Clean Tech Jobs - A Bright Future in BC

A recent report from the Pembina Institute suggests BC has potential to be an important innovator in the clean tech sector, stating that there are 14,000 jobs in green electricity already. Yet in lock step with the federal government's continued push to expand the Canadian fossil fuel sector, BC Premier Christy Clarke doggedly continues to promote Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) opportunities for BC, even to the point of stating that the negative response from several First Nations consultations was just an obstacle to be overcome. The total employment (2013) in BC"s mining, oil and gas extraction industry is 29,500. Only two of the five LNG projects in the province's 'vision'  still appear to be on track; the industry is on shaky ground. 

In 2011, there were over 120,000 jobs in BC in clean energy supply, energy efficiency and clean transportation; collectively generating $15 billion in gross revenues. With more support, BC's clean economy could be blooming.

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