Scrutineer training 2019

Scrutineers are our most critical need right now! 


Here are the details: 

There are four Advance Polling days over the Thanksgiving weekend - Friday Oct 11th, Saturday Oct 12th, Sunday Oct 13th and Monday Oct 14th. The polls are open from 9am to 9pm.

We are looking for Scrutineers at 17 polling locations: 12 on the big island and 1 on each of the Gulf Islands. These are volunteers who will commit to one (or more) 4-hour shifts on one (or more) of the Advance Polling days, covering the 12 hours that the polls are open.

Election Day is Monday Oct 21st and the polls are open from 7am to 7pm. We are looking for Scrutineers who will commit to one (or more) 4-hour shifts at 30 polling locations to cover the whole day, plus the vote count. Although it can sometimes take longer, you can expect to spend approximately 2 hours monitoring the vote count.

We will do our best to honour your preferred time(s) and polling location(s) but that will not be possible in all cases. 

If you have not signed up to volunteer as a scrutineer, please contact us.

Watch the training video online

You can now watch the Scrutineer Training Presentation on the Elizabeth's Candidate website, here

If you still want to attend a virtual training session, please register using the link below. All in-person sessions are now over. 

Virtual Training (on-line) Meeting via Zoom

Wednesday, Oct 16th - 7 pm  — click to register


On behalf of Elizabeth May, thank you for helping with this most urgent activity.


Grace Cockburn

Election Day Coordinator


PS Effective scrutineering requires many, many volunteers so please consider forwarding this message to a friend. This is our all-hands-on-deck moment.