September 5th 2015 Newsletter

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  • Supporting Seniors in Canada - A National Strategy
  • Women's Issues Matter
  • Greens at Work - Defending our Home
  • Thank You Campaign Supporters!
  • Green Party Launches TV Ad Campaign
  • Paid Opportunities to Work with Elections Canada
  • Upcoming Events

Supporting Seniors in Canada - A National Strategy


Carolyn, a retiree, is concerned about the financial insecurity that her many fellow seniors face. She feels not enough is being done to ensure seniors can stay in their homes and communities and not be forced to move into long term care before they wish to do so.  

This is why Carolyn strongly supports the Green Party’s comprehensive National Seniors’ Strategy announced by Elizabeth May in Fredricton, NB this week. The plan includes improvements to national pension plans, development of a seniors’ housing strategy, and approaches that ensure compassionate, respectful end of life care.

As Carolyn says, “having a national plan will ensure that home support could be providing that added dimension of care, enabling people to stay in their homes and communities”. 

Groups including the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) welcome such a strategy. 

Elizabeth May, and all other Green Party candidates, will champion a national approach to support seniors. Please help the progressive, principled voices of the Green Party. Donate to Elizabeth's campaign or support your local Green candidate.

Women's Issues Matter 

15297085447_31c970b99d_m.jpgIn what some are calling a snub to women in particular and to democracy in general, Thomas Mulcair reneged on his commitment to participate in the leaders' forum on women's issues. This is raising the ire of many who claim the NDP is all but ignoring women’s issues during this election while claiming to be the party that champions women. 

Up For Debate, an alliance of 175 organizations, will now use another format with each leader (except for Stephen Harper who has yet to commit). Each leader will answer questions in one-one interviews to will be aired in September. And yet, without a full leaders’ debate, women’s issues are not receiving the long overdue attention they need in this election

The Green Party approach to women’s issues does not pigeon hole women’s interests. Inequality is a pervasive issue for gender, sexuality, race, economic status and more.  The Green Vision includes the right to choose among parenting options, and career opportunities with the support necessary to make the choices viable. Our Vision also includes pay equity for women, and a stronger role for women in government and the public sector.

We have strong women candidates poised to make a breakthrough, especially here on Vancouver Island. Help us make sure they bring their diverse voices to Ottawa. Please donate to Elizabeth's campaign.

Elizabeth May Excluded from Debates

The cancellation of the live, televised debate on women’s issues has another serious consequence: there will now be no other national leaders’ debate in English that includes Elizabeth May. The two private debates hosted by Munk Debates and Globe and Mail do not include Elizabeth, who proved the value she adds during the Maclean's debate bringing attention to climate change and the increased bitumen tanker traffic on the Pacific Coast. 

If you haven't already, please sign our petition asking for Elizabeth's participation in future leaders' debates and email the Globe and Mail and Munk Debates to let them know that Canadians want to hear from Elizabeth. 

The national broadcasters consortium invited Elizabeth to both English and French debates. Shockingly, Stephen Harper refused these debates in favour of private corporate debates. He relented for the French debate, but the national English debate may be cancelled. This is in large part due to Mr. Mulcair’s position that he will not debate without Mr. Harper. In the interest of democracy and more clarity on the options before Canadians, Mr. Mulcair should be encouraged to debate, with or without the Conservative leader.

Greens At Work - Defending Our Home


Brenda Sayer, the Green Party candidate for North Island Powell River, exemplifies women’s leadership. On behalf of the Hupacasath First Nation and all people of Canada, Brenda led the only court challenge to the ratification of the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) – a dangerous treaty that puts Canadian democracy, resource rights, Aboriginal treaty rights, and environmental protection at risk for the next 31 years. 

As a Green Party candidate, Brenda now vows to "continue fighting for your rights, and the rights of future generations to freedom, clean air and water, and verdant soil." 

In a recent town hall in Powell River, award-winning scientist and prominent environmental advocate David Suzuki praised Brenda's efforts, calling her a hero for her incredible contribution to increasing Canadian awareness of the significant, negative consequences FIPA will have on environmental protection in Canada.

The Green Party was the first to raise the alarm about the dangers of Stephen Harper’s unprecedented move to ratify FIPA without any public consultation or debate. It is a “sellout to China” that significantly undermines Canadian sovereignty and will “never benefit Canadians” 

More on investor state treaties is available here.

Please support the Party truly and consistently committed to protecting our land into the future. Help Elizabeth by supporting Brenda's campaign

Thank You Campaign Supporters! 

EM_lawn_sign.jpgIn Saanich-Gulf Islands, over 1,400 lawn signs were distributed over the first few weeks of the campaign. More signs have just arrived and our volunteer delivery team is working hard to deliver them. For those still waiting for signs, thank you for your patience! 

As the election progresses, the number of polls, call-in talk shows and social media efforts are growing. Please participate in:

* The Dogwood Initiative's Pledge to Vote,
Online polls for each riding in BC, and
* Their next phone poll on September 7th.

If you are not already on our volunteer list and would like to help with social media, letters to the editor or to write pieces for this newsletter or the website, please contact us. We meet every Monday night at 7 pm at the Sidney office.

Green Party of Canada Launches TV Ad Campaign 

The Green Party of Canada has just launched its first television ad campaign. 

A big thank you to all the donors that made this possible!  

Claire Martin is the star of the first tv ad. You can see a sneak preview here on Youtube.


Paid Opportunities to work with Elections Canada

We provide recommendations to Elections Canada for Registration Officers, for Election Day (October 19),and for the four-day period of the Advance Polls (October 8, 9, 10, 11). We need 200 Deputy Returning Officers for election day, 20 people on the registrations, and 20 Deputy Returning Officers for the advance polls.

We encourage GPC members and supporters to apply for these positions. We are committed to a fair vote and a high voter engagement. We will be pleased to recommend anyone who is committed to carrying out these important duties in a non-partisan manner, in accordance with Election Canada’s regulations. If you are a Canadian Citizen, and live and are eligible to vote in Saanich-Gulf Islands, please contact the SGI office, or email us for more information.

Upcoming Events

2015 Saanich Fall Fair, Saturday 5th September, Saanichton, BC
See Elizabeth and other Green candidates at the Green Party corner in the Marketplace at the Fair! Eiizabeth will be there all day Saturday.
September 5th, 9am-5pm
Saanich Fair Grounds, Saanichton

Salt Spring 11th Annual Pride Parade, Saturday 12th September, 1 pm, Ganges
Walk with Elizabeth May in the always amazing Pride Parade through Ganges. For details, look here.
WhenSeptember 12th, 1 pm
Meet at 12:15pm at Mahon Hall, 114 Rainbow Road (just north of town centre), Ganges

Volunteer Appreciation Tea with Elizabeth, Sunday 13th September, 1 pm, Saanich
Please join Elizabeth for a special event to thank volunteers for all their efforts. Please RSVP and consider bringing a volunteer-to be and treats for tea.
WhenSeptember 13, 1-3 pm
 Sayward area in Saanich, please RSVP for details

Peninsula Chamber of Commerce All Candidates Meeting, Monday 14th September, 7 pm, North Saanich
The Peninsula Chamber and Peninsula News Review will host an all candidates forum.
When: September 14, 7 pm
WhereParkland Secondary School, 10640 McDOnald Park Rd., North Saanich

Salt Spring Fall Fair, Saturday 19th to 20th September, Ganges
Elizabeth will join the crowds at the annual Fall Fair.
WhenSeptember 19 -20 September
 Farmer's Institute - 351 Rainbow Road, Ganges, Salt Spring

All Candidates Meeting: Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP), Tuesday 29th September, 2 to 4 pm, Sidney
CARP will host an all candidates forum. 
When: Tuesday 29th September, 2-4 pm
Where: Shoal Centre, 10030 Resthaven Drive, Sidney

2015 All Candidates Meeting Tuesday 29th September, 7 to 10 pm, Victoria
This all candidates forum will be hosted by three community associations in the riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands
Tuesday 29th September, 7-10 pm
Where: Lochside Elementary School, 1145 Royal Oak Drive, Victoria

Virtual All Candidates Forum: Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce, Wednesday 30th September, noon to 1 pm, online
Moderated by the Chamber’s CEO, Bruce Carter, the virtual forums are free-of-charge, and can be viewed on any web-enabled platform of your choice.
Where: September 30, noon to 1 pm

All Candidates Forum on CFAX Radio, Thursday 1st October, 10 am, CFAX
CFAX Radio 1070 will host an all candidates debate. 
Thursday 1 October, 10 am
Where: Listen to CFAX Radio 1070 or listen online

BCSEA All-Candidates Meeting, Friday 2nd October, Sidney, 6:30-9:00 pm
BC Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA) will host five federal candidates' meetings dedicated exclusively to climate change and sustainable energy. Sooke (Sept. 16), Victoria (Sept. 21), Langford (Sept. 24), Esquimalt (Sept. 29) and Sidney (Oct. 2). The Sidney meeting will be moderated by Maggie Ziegler. Find more information here.
WhenFriday 2nd October, 6:30 - 9:00 pm 
Where: St. Paul’s United Church, 2410 Malaview Avenue, Sidney

All Candidates Meeting: Salt Spring Forum, Monday 5th October, 2  to 5 pm, Salt Spring
The Salt Spring Forum will host an all-candidates meeting. Please contact the Forum for more information. 
Monday 5th October, Doors open at 2 pm. Debate from 2:30- 5 pm
Where: Gulf Islands Secondary School, Salt Spring Island

All Candidates Meeting: Mayne Island Community Chamber of Commerce All Candidates, Tuesday 6th October, 1 pm, Mayne Island
The Mayne Island Community Chamber of Commerce will host an all candidates meeting 
October 6th, 1 pm
Mayne Island Community Chamber of Commerce

All Candidates Meeting: University of Victoria Student Society, Wednesday 7th October, 3 pm, University of Victoria
The UVic Student Society will host an all candidates debate. 
Wednesday 7th October, 3 pm
Location to be announced

2015 Federal Election Advance Polls, October 9, 10, 11, 12, from noon to 8 pm

It is so important to vote in this election. Please ensure that you are registered to vote and have the necessary ID. 
Please contact one of the SGI offices, or email us for more information.

Re-Elect Elizabeth May Campaign Office Locations and Hours:

Sidney Office, 2355 James White Blvd
Open Monday to Friday, 10 am to 4 pm; Saturday 12 pm to 4 pm

Saanich Office, 3550 Saanich Rd, Unit 106
Open Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm

Salt Spring Office, 374 Lower Ganges Road, Unit #364, Salt Spring Island
Open Monday to Saturday, 10 am to 7 pm

Note: Open times for the offices keep increasing, call the office number to check the current times

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