March 2020 SGI Newsletter

Thanks for reading Saanich-Gulf Islands Greens Electoral District Association (SGI Greens) newsletter.  This short, periodic newsletter will deliver Green news, opportunities and events as well as relevant information from other Green organizations.

As your hub for Green Party of Canada engagement within Saanich - Gulf Islands, we are excited to launch this new initiative and re-engage in doing what we love most: supporting and growing the Green Movement and empowering you to help make a difference to our democracy.


A message from our Member of Parliament, Elizabeth May  

"I am so grateful to the volunteer team in the Saanich-Gulf Islands Green EDA for putting together a monthly newsletter. Our Green base is one of the strongest in all of Canada.  By staying in touch with each other, in this critical year of electing our next federal leader, we can help all Greens across Canada.  We really need to encourage our friends to be members of the Green Party of Canada.

"This Spring we will also have elections for key positions in the national executive.  This is a moment to step up and ensure that the governance and leadership of the party continue to meet the values and aspirations we have established here... where the national green movement won its first ever seat.  Many thanks!!"


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Read back issues here on the SGI Greens website

Federal Council Elections

As Elizabeth has said, this is an important time for every supporter to affirm our Green values and principles, and ask ourselves: what does success look like and whom do we want on Federal Council to lead us there?

During this exciting period of post-election party renewal we strongly encourage you to participate.

If you are a member in good standing, you will have received an email from the Green Party HQ outlining this opportunity. To be eligible to vote, memberships must be valid by April 1, 2020.

In this election, GPC members in good standing, living in British Columbia are eligible to vote for our next BC Representative as well as our next Vice President, English. Members 30-years of age and younger are additionally eligible to vote for their youth rep on council.

More info on council elections can be found here on the GPC website


The nomination period is open until March 25th. Voting will be open from April 1st until May 1st, 2020.

If you're not a member, you may join here on the GPC website

(if you'd like to direct your membership donation to your local EDA, make sure to check the box on the form)

If you're unsure of your membership status, you can call Green Party Support 1-866-868-3447, or email [email protected] 


Stay tuned for opportunities to meet the candidates for council and join the conversation about where you think the Green Party should be heading.

We'll be sending another email dedicated to this subject later this month.

Leadership race news:

As you are likely aware, Elizabeth stepped down as party leader in January, and the campaign to select a new leader at the National Convention this October is getting underway.

Learn more about the leadership contest here on the GPC website.

Upcoming local events: 



Due to the current concerns about potential future spread of COVID-19 in the community, and out of an abundance of caution, all public events previously scheduled for the next month or two have been cancelled. 


NEW: Green Book Club

If you would like to join Elizabeth May and others at a new Green Book Club (once meetings start up again) please contact Shelagh Levey at [email protected]


Sustainable Living Series

This popular series will begin again as soon as public gatherings are a go. For further information, please contact Gary Searing at [email protected]

Voices of Saanich

Info found here on the BC Greens website

SanRA's future events will be found here.

Oak Bay Gordon Head RA events are found here

Saanich South RA, here



Refresher: What is the Saanich-Gulf Islands Electoral District Association (EDA)?

EDAs are the local organizing hubs for federal political engagement all across the country. Every party may have one in each electoral district (riding).

In a grassroots party like ours,  Green EDAs are essential focal points for democratic participation—both internal to our party and in general elections. During election years, we oversee the local campaign to re-elect Elizabeth May. In between elections, we work hard to keep our Green community of volunteers and supporters engaged and active, and contributing to the success of our whole party.

We are your conduit to Federal Council:

The EDA also helps to direct feedback from the grassroots members to the national party executive.  Local EDA executive positions are determined at the Annual General Meeting, generally held in June.
Read more about our EDA on our SGI Greens website


A message from the SGI-EDA Nominations Committee:

Our Annual General Meeting is currently scheduled for June and there will be openings for new people to join the executive.  We welcome, and very much value new and diverse membership, and hope everyone will consider whether this opportunity is of interest to you.  Please contact Dan Kells at [email protected] for further information.
Have comments, ideas or feedback about the newsletter?  Please contact [email protected]


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