Saanich Gulf-Islands

We are the Saanich Gulf Islands Green Party. Our policies are guided by values shared with Greens worldwide: ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy, nonviolence, respect for diversity and sustainability.

We are committed to building a new economy based on reducing waste, full employment, and wealth creation through innovation and clean energy technology. We are governed by an Executive Committee that is elected by our membership at our Annual General Meeting.

Our legal entity is the Saanich Gulf Islands Green Party Electoral District Association. This means that we are registered with Elections Canada to select and nominate a candidate, and support our candidate’s campaign through fundraising, administration of those funds, and activities such as events, canvassing and information dissemination.

Elizabeth May, O.C., is the M.P. for the riding of Saanich Gulf Islands, and Leader of the Green Party of Canada. She received the honour of being made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2005 for her achievements on protecting the environment.

Elizabeth has represented the constituency of Saanich Gulf-Islands since her election to parliament in 2011. She is widely recognized for her work on behalf of our riding and all Canadians. For more information on Elizabeth's work, see Leadership in Action.

The Saanich Gulf Islands Green Party is made up of volunteers that believe in a new democracy that values the citizens of this earth and the ecosystem on which they depend. We engage communities of volunteers to influence change in Ottawa. We wish to ensure Elizabeth is re-elected and continues to serve this riding! Please join our efforts by joining signing up as a volunteer or making a donation.

For more details on the Green Party of Canada platform, see Vision Green.


Elizabeth May - Brief Biography

Elizabeth May is the Leader of the Green Party of Canada and its first elected Member of Parliament, representing Saanich-Gulf Islands in southern Vancouver Island since 2011. Elizabeth is an environmentalist, writer, activist and lawyer, who has a long record as a dedicated advocate — for social justice, for the environment, for human rights, and for pragmatic economic solutions. 

Born in Connecticut then moving to Nova Scotia with her family in 1973, Elizabeth grew up working in her family’s small business, a restaurant and gift shop on the Cabot Trail. She first became known in the Canadian media in the mid-1970s, through her leadership as a volunteer in the grassroots movement against proposed aerial insecticide spraying on forests near her home on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Her efforts helped prevent aerial insecticide spraying from ever occurring in Nova Scotia. 

Years later, she and a local group of residents went to court to prevent herbicide spraying. They won a temporary injunction in 1982 to hold off the spray programme, but after two years, the case was eventually lost. In the course of the litigation, her family sacrificed their home and seventy acres of land in an adverse court ruling to Scott Paper. However, by the time the judge ruled the chemicals were safe, the export of dangerous 2,4,5-T herbicides from the U.S had been banned. The forests of Nova Scotia were spared being the last areas in Canada to be sprayed with Agent Orange. 

Her early volunteer work also included successful campaigns to prevent approval of uranium mining in Nova Scotia, and extensive work on energy policy issues, primarily opposing nuclear energy.

For more information on Elizabeth's work since her election to parliament in 2011, see Leadership in Action.