Consultation on Canada's National Security

National Security consultationThere is still time to join in on the Consultation to the fix Bill C-51

Deadline December 15th: We need to ensure that Canada's national security laws and policies reflect the rights, values and freedoms of Canadians. ~Public Safety Canada & Dept. of Justice Canada

Here are the general feedback questions and some discussion points based on Elizabeth's brief of her submission to get you started.

Please visit the general feedback form and provide you own input.

Q: What steps should the Government take to strengthen the accountability of Canada's national security institutions?

Review is not Oversight. None of the agencies have actual oversight to monitor events as they are unfolding and synchronize or cross reference their actions. This is extremely dangerous and hugely wasteful.
Video clip, from E. May C-51 Town Hall: the only democracy in the world

Q: Preventing radicalization to violence helps keep our communities safe. Are there particular prevention efforts that the Government should pursue?

This committee must make take issue with the term “terrorism in general.” The term “terrorism” is understood. It has legal meaning. “Terrorism in general” has no meaning. The Criminal Code sections must be amended to eliminate this vague term. The sections on internet promotion of terrorism lack crucial protections found in other such provisions of Canadian law. And this law does not specifically exclude private conversations. Combined this breaks down a community's ability to self regulate by making it potentially illegal to intervene in the radicalization of a friend or acquaintance.
Video clip, from E. May C-51 Town Hall: Terrorism in general

Q: In an era in which the terrorist threat is evolving, does the Government have what it needs to protect Canadians' safety while safeguarding rights and freedoms?

YES. But only if agencies are forced to communicate with one another while at the same time restricting them from freely sharing personal information with foreign governments strictly on the basis of a perceived threat of "terrorism in general".
Video clip, from E. May C-51 Town Hall: what's wrong with csis

Q: Do you have additional ideas or comments on the topics raised in this Green Paper and in the background document?

View videos and read Elizabeth's complete submission and add your own observations. Click here for the online consultation on national security which includes a message from Hon. Ralph Goodale, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.

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