Earthquakes Caused by Fracking

Green Party Calls for Investment in Sustainable Energy after B.C. Earthquake

(OTTAWA) August 26, 2015 - Elizabeth May, Leader of the Green Party and MP (Saanich Gulf Islands), issued the following statement after a 4.6 magnitude earthquake near Fort John, B.C. –just three kilometers away from Progress Energy's fracking site:
“This earthquake confirms that fracking is a dangerous and environmentally irresponsible practice,” said Ms. May. “An earthquake of this magnitude could have devastating implications for the environment and the Halfway River First Nations community.”
According to B.C.'s energy regulator, many earthquakes have been caused by hydraulic fracturing or the "fracking" process that energy companies use to extract gas. Studies have linked fracking with earthquakes in the U.K., Oklahoma and B.C.

Stephen Harper closed Canada’s only emergency preparedness college and eliminated the Joint Emergency Preparedness Program. A 2014 report from the B.C. Auditor said that the province’s disaster response was woefully inadequate. Greens support working through our proposed Council of Canadian Governments to strengthen Earthquake Monitoring and disaster response. The Green Party also supports the elimination of all fossil fuel subsidies, including fracking subsidies introduced in the 2015 Budget.

“The link between earthquakes and fracking has been proven, so why does Stephen Harper continue to allow fracking, while providing subsidies to big oil companies? The Green Party is against subsidies and supports to the oil, coal, gas and coalbed methane industries in Canada. These industries are not sustainable and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.”
“Canada must invest in sustainable energy and the Green Party is committed to working with the renewable energy sector to accelerate the construction of green infrastructure. Clean energy jobs are better for the Canadian economy, people and environment. We must focus on the future, one that does not involve putting our environment at risk.”

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