Elizabeth May Proves What One MP Can Do

Many people asked, "What can one MP do"?  The answer – lots.  Since her election in 2011, Elizabeth has proven that one MP can make a difference. She has won many prestigious awards and is highly respected and recognized by her peers. She provides powerful and positive leadership - raising concerns over the damaging Omnibus bills, dangerous investment treaties, and the new, quite possibly unconstitutional, Anti-Terrorist bill. She has worked tirelessly for her constituents with numerous successes.

 As the Member of Parliament for the constituents of Saanich Gulf Island, Elizabeth:

  • Has held over 70 Town Halls, listening and reporting to citizens twice a year in every SGI community
  • Works diligently on behalf of individual constituents with immigration, pension, and many other issues
  • Created the Housing Roundtable working for affordable housing on the Peninsula (2013)
  • Stopped the closure of the national Centre for Plant Health in North Saanich by convincing the Harper government to reverse their decision (2012)

For all Canadians, Elizabeth:

  • Launched national concern over the proposed Bill C-51, the so-called "Anti-Terrorist Act" that appears to be designed to control freedom of expression in Canada
  • Participated in the climate change negotiations at COP20 (2014); the only Canadian federal party leader to attend
  • Alerted us to the dangers of the Canada-China Investment Treaty ratified by Cabinet (2014)
  • Garnered over $9 million in federal funding from Western Diversification to support Smart Oceans BC at the University of Victoria including installation of underwater observatories along the coast (2014)
  • Prepared 6 Private Member’s Bills, including The Lyme Disease bill which passed into law with unanimous approval of all MPs in the House of Commons and the Senate
  • Routinely proposes constructive amendments to Omnibus Budget Bills and other Conservative laws (e.g. 330 amendments for the 2012 Omnibus Budget aka the “Environmental Devastation Act”)
  • Publishes all of her MP expenses and encourages all other MPs to do so


  • Based on secret votes of all Members of Parliament, Elizabeth has been voted Parliamentarian of the Year (2012), Hardest Working MP (2013), and Orator of the Year (2014)
  • In annual surveys by The Hill Times, Elizabeth was named the Best Constituency MP (shared; 2013), Hardest Working MP (2013, 2014), and One of the Top Three Most Effective Politicians (2014)
  • Huffington Post lauded Elizabeth as one of best MPs, noting Bill C-38 as proof of "what one MP can do." (2012)
  • Newsweek named her “One of the world’s most influential women.” (2010)
  • Elizabeth May is an Officer of the Order of Canada (2005)  

Ronald Wright, author of A Short History of Progress:

Elizabeth May is without doubt the most impressive party leader in Canada today -- superhumanly hardworking, dedicated, smart, witty, and fearless when speaking truth to power and to the public.

The Right Honourable Joe Clark, former Conservative prime minister, says it all: 

"Most acknowledge that Elizabeth May is Canada’s most effective MP."


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