Take Action!

 "Democracy is too important to be left to politicians." 

  Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands


There are many ways to engage and help the Greens, help Canada, and help the world.


You can start with something easy, like signing up for updates from the Saanich-Gulf Islands Greens, or meeting others at an SGI Greens event. Or you can "plunge in" and volunteer some time or donate some money.

  • Sign up to follow what the Saanich-Gulf Islands Greens and Elizabeth May are doing.
  • Share with your friends. Talk to them about the issues that Greens are addressing.
  • Give us your comments: all constructive ideas, feedback and support is greatly appreciated.
  • Attend a Green event and meet people that are keen to build a better future.
  • Speak out! Tell your truth to power by sending messages by letter, phone, Twitter or Facebook.
  • Volunteer some time, skills and energy and join one of our volunteer teams.
    (There are many opportunities to apply different skills and interests.)
  • Donate to support the efforts of the SGI Greens activities.
  • Be a Member and help build the future you want.

Thank you for your interest and support. Any contribution is appreciated!



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