Make it fair - Make it Proportional

Be Part of History! Add your name to these prominent Canadians!


You can download these images to your hard drive and use them in your tweets and Facebook posts to help promote a fair and proportional voting system for Canada. To review the fantastic testimony that has been given to the Special committee on Electoral Reform just click here. Also follow the action on twitter by following the #ERRE hashtag.







Jean-Pierre Kingsley: "A Lost Opportunity"

Why our system needs fixing

Why you matter to this process

The work of #ERRE




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 Justin Trudeau: Make it fair - make us proud!







Welcome the #ERRE Committee to your town

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Welcome to Toronto Sep 21

Bienvenue à Quebec Sep 22

Welcome to Victoria Sept 27

Welcome to Vancouver Sept 28

Welcome to Edmonton Sept 29

Welcome to Halifax - October 4

Welcome to Charlottetown October 6

Welcome to Fredericton - October 7



Merci #ERRE c’est un moment historique!

#ERRE thank you for making history

#ER for #PR we love you!

Une réforme électorale pour
une représentation équitable!

#ERRE and #Canada150 what a pair

#ERRE Committee - You Rock!

#ERRE proposez un système équitable!

#ERRE make it fair

Le comité #ERRE… Vous, marquerez l’histoire!