Be a Green Party Member

Membership has its privileges:

If you live within the boundaries of the Saanich-Gulf Islands Electoral District, you automatically become a member of the Saanich-Gulf Islands EDA (Electoral District Association) by joining the Green Party of Canada. As a member you are entitled to vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and help elect the Executive Committee which is responsible for the management of the Association's budget.

Our 2018 SGI AGM took place on June 17th.

You are also entitled to vote on Green Party of Canada national issues including:

 The Who's Who in the organization

Green Party of Canada
The National Party
or GPC
Saanich-Gulf Islands Green Party
Electoral District Association
  • Governed by the Federal Council
  • Head office in Ottawa
  • Staffed by a team of dedicated professionals under the direction of the Executive Director
  • Provides support to EDAs and candidates across the country
  • Organizes annual conventions
  • Develops GPC policies and platforms
  • Maintains GPC website and other platforms
  • Funded by donations to the Green Party of Canada
  • Governed by your local EDA executive
  • Office in Sidney, BC
  • Staffed by a coordinator under the direction of the all volunteer EDA executive
  • Provides support to volunteers within the boundaries of the Saanich-Gulf Islands Electoral District
  • Supports Elizabeth May
  • Prepares for, finances and oversees re-election campaigns
  • Funded by donations to the Saanich-Gulf Islands Green Party


To become a member simply click here and you will be taken to the GPC membership page.
(please note that it helps if you always use the same email address when communicating with us)

A $10 donation to the party entitles you to a free 1 year membership. A $25 donation offers a three year membership. You do not need to become a member to donate but you do need to donate a small amount to become a member. You can donate that amount to our SGI EDA or the National Party.

Be sure to log into your GPC account to check the status of your membership. You can find this information by clicking on the "My Profile" tab once you are logged in. If you can not remember your login or have not yet created an account, just follow the prompts.

Become a Sustaining Donor:

And if you appreciate and would like to support the work of the many volunteers that make up the SGI EDA please consider becoming a Sustaining Donor. If you pay income taxes, a minimum monthly donation of $10 will cost you only $2.50 The remaining $7.50 will be refunded to you by the federal government when you file your tax return.

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