Minister Monsef visits Saturna Island


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monsef_01.jpg monsef_03.jpg As democra-geeks we have a responsibility

When people come together, across generations, across cultures, across sectors, they make great things happen. This is a golden window of opportunity to do what's right and fix our broken electoral system.

click for more memesThe Special Committee on Electoral Reform has spent the summer absorbing the possibilities of building a made in Canada electoral system that will be fair and representative. It is a chance bring our voting system into the 21st century. We would not think of practicing medicine the way we did 150 years ago so why do some insist on voting the way we have done for 15 decades. Especially when there is a better way.

The parliamentarians on the #ERRE committee need to do their job and recommend the best solution for Canada. Then the Liberal government needs to keep its commitment in time for our 150th birthday celebration next year. Then, after allowing Canadians to experience the new system for a couple of election cycles we can simply add a ratification vote to the ballot on the third election under Proportional Representation. 

As Minister Monsef said on Saturna: "We are doing this for our children and our grand children so that democratic institutions that we cherish so much can endure the test of time and exist in a relevant way in the 21st century."

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